Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Shopping and Shopping and Shopping.

M: So, I have money from selling some stuff, and a little birthday money, and a 20% off coupon from Anthro AND my birthday 15% (though pretty sure I can't combine those). WHAT DO I WANT??

This looks super easy, I love the fabric this brand uses it's SO SOFT:

I've also been staring at this for a while. Coral or White? Coral or White? CORAL OR WHITE.

Or. OR!

A:  The first one is glorious, the second in coral. The third is SO YOU. I saw it on Kim France's blog and knew you'd love it.

M: gaaaaaah I can't really do all threeeee. I think the third one may not be very forgiving to my Cheeto belly.

A: Hmmm. My vote is for the first one. The second doesn't get great reviews. The third only works in black, I think.

M: I may try all three then just return what doesn't work.

A: I will require pics!

M: Maybe what I really need are these shoes.

M: I mean they are like Birkenstocks and clogs had a baby. For me.

A: Your description was, um, not selling them but they're actually really cute!

M: I think I need those more than the overpriced shirt dress.

A: I mean, you know that LOFT dress will be $15 in a couple of weeks.

M: Oh I'm not spending full price on that, no way.

A: But the birthday discount at Anthro should be used!

M: I think I'll wait on the dress to go on sale though. Even with 20% off it's too much for what it is. But the shoes I need ranow.

A: Those shoes should be yours. They went to all that trouble!

M: Do you use the Honey plugin on Chrome. GAME. CHANGER.

A: Der, of course I do. I mean, sometimes it stacks coupons I didn't even know existed. Is magic.

M: It delights me.

A: I use Honey and eBates and feel like I'm a genius. A broke genius who shops online too much.

A:  I'm currently obsessed with minimalist earrings on Etsy.

M: Hahah you nerd.


M: ....


A: Fine, never mind, I won't show you then.

M: Haha, let me see. I'm sure I'll want them all.

A: I've started wearing earrings in my second holes again so I want something really simple. Either these:


Or maybe these?

I love the idea of something fancier like these, but I'm afraid I'd lose them:

M: Yeah I would start with something cheaper. I have had my eye on those top ones and my everyday pair are similar to the second!

A: I just know myself and I can't be trusted with something so tiny and expensive. Gold fill is good enough for my cheap ass. (Update: I bought the second pair.)

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