Friday, May 27, 2016

Weekend Window Shopping: Summer Dresses.

There's nothing I like more than an easy, floaty summer dress. Here are eight options, all under $100 because that's how I roll:


  1. I love the last dress (Eliza J) so much... but. I purchased it from Nordstrom 2 summers ago hoping it would be my magical wedding guest dress. The fabric was wonderful and the construction was excellent, but the fit was SO wrong for me that I had to return it. I am pear shaped with a typical 1 (in a few brands 2) size variation between top and bottom. In this dress the waist fit me perfectly, the bottom was great, but the top was at least 3 sizes too big and would have needed major alterations. In contrast, my sister-in-law who is very top heavy finds this brand to fit her great.

  2. I havevthat boden dress in the green print and love it. I did have to have fabric under the arms taken in...maybe they wanted to provide a pouch for snacks???


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