Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Stuff I Don't Usually Talk About.

I don't generally like talking about my underwear but I bought new underthings and thought they were worth recommending, so! You get to hear about my underwear.

Now, I know there are folks who're perfectly happy buying underwear at Target or wherever and that is totally legit. If you find something inexpensive that works for you, that's awesome. Me? I am of the mind that I spend more on a few things - skincare, handbags, shoes, and underwear. (Even so, I like a sale!) So, I thought I'd make a few recommendations and tell you what I just bought that I'm happy with.


I am so boring - I find one I like and then buy it in a bunch of colors. Done. Currently it's the Natori Sheer Jacquard Full Coverage Underwire Bra:

It's not itchy or fussy, it's very lightly padded, and it comes in fun colors if that's your thing. It isn't inexpensive but can be easily found on sale especially in the non-traditional colors - duchess rose, winter lake, that kind of thing. I will admit that I sometimes buy them (new with tags) on eBay for under $20 a pop. I have tried a few other Natori bras, like the very pretty Feathers Contour Plunge bra and the strap-minimal Understated Contour Bra. The Sheer Jacquard style is my everyday bra for now though I'm curious about their convertible options so I might try one of those next.


I have a drawer full of Hanky Panky Original Rise thongs (and a few in the low-rise which I regret) and in general I'm happy with this style. What I don't like is the price which has gotten freaking ridiculous. I never, ever buy these full price. Never! Nordstrom does a good promotion during their semi-annual sale and, like the bras above, you can find decent markdowns if you don't mind odd colors/patterns. This pretty floral is marked down and a few colors here are too. 6pm is also a good source for an order add-on. Mine last a good long time because I never, ever put them in the dryer. Actually, none of your delicates have any business in the dryer and please always use a lingerie bag in the washer. Take care of your stuff and it will last longer.

Most recently, though, I was so irritated by the cost of my usual Hanky Panky underwear that I decided to give Natori a try. I already have a few pairs of the Bliss Lace Bikini which I like okay, so I bought the Bliss Perfection Bikini:

And the Bliss Perfection Thong:

Both were on sale and both are REALLY GOOD. I mean, really good. The lace waistbands are thin, stretchy and non-bunchy and nothing rides up or out of place. Super comfortable and good quality. I'm a little side-eye about the stupid "one size" thing so if you're on either end of their size 2-12 claim I'd definitely try them on in a store first.

These styles might actually replace my Hanky Pankys if they hold up well. We shall see. And now I'm going to stop talking about my underwear but I encourage you to talk about yours in the comments if you so wish.


  1. I don't generally spend a lot on bras. I'm barely an A cup. I spend a lot on underwear. I like Soma underwear. It's expensive, but it smooths and holds things in and as I've reached my late 30's that's a priority.

    1. I have a few pairs of Soma with the silicone strips that I like a lot.

  2. I'm loving Sassybax so far, because I can't stand bras, the wearing of, the wires, the straps, the lace. It was expensive but I looovee it

  3. I have to spend a lot on bras, for the hydraulic lift capacity. But! I finally found a brand of strapless that I love and that works! Yay! It's Simone Perele, for you busty gals (I'm sure they're good for smaller cups too, but it's a got dang miracle when a strapless works for D+ cups).

  4. Interesting...I'm going to try the underwear since I can barely find the Felina bikini's I like..I've never tried OS underwear before but will give it a shot. :-)


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