Thursday, May 12, 2016

It's All About Perspective.

A: He's totes taller than the moddle.

M: Working that perspective.

A: No, no, he’s TALL. Like, waaaay taller than her.

M: The Sartorialist for BabyGap.

A: Please make that happen.

M: She's literally a seven year old.

A: “Here, you can wear heels! I'll allow it.”

A: PS. he just held a casting in NYC, looking for women 18-30. HIS CUT OFF IS 30.

M: Fuck that noise.

A: Still the Worst! That’s our Shobbit.

M: Never change πŸ’«

A: #soblessed πŸ˜’

A very, very Happy Birthday today to Marianne and her sweet daughter Lulu!



  1. Oh, I've missed you guys busting the Shobbit's eensy balls! :-)

  2. I missed that, too! By the way, for a fashion guru, the guy has a horrible taste in clothes. I mean - look at this outfit and how it makes him even more grotesque than he already is. PS I love you, guys.