Friday, May 13, 2016

Cute Boy Friday: Daniel Dae Kim

So, long long ago I was a big fan of Lost and I remember surprising one of my dude friends by saying Daniel Dae Kim was the total babe on the show. Nope, not Sawyer, I was all about Jin. I mean, come on:

Those are some cheekbones. And he does an amazing steely gaze, right?  Also, arms

And we didn't see it much in Lost (I must watch Hawaii Five-0!) but his smile is kind of amazing: 

And, here he is in GQ looking like an adorable snazzy park ranger: 

And, there's this: 

YEP. Happy Friday, all. 

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  1. YEAHHHHHHHHH!!!! I had the same reaction to the Lost cast ... I was all, I know I'm supposed to go for whatshisface or Sawyer, and I do like them aight, but ... who is *THIS* well-cut gentleman? My husband and I are still sticking with 5-0 because of him, basically, despite the fact that that show has turned into a thoroughly improbable potpourri of violent crime, military rah-rah bullshit, and inexplicable shifts in tone. Oh well. DDK, FTW!


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