Thursday, May 5, 2016

Adrien: Rain for Days.

Ten straight days of rain, you guys. It's amazing I'm getting dressed at all at this point and not curled up in a corner in my oldest pair of yoga pants. I bought this dress at the end of winter, wore it once and then banished it in my mind until next fall, which makes no sense. It's a three-season dress! I should wear it, so I did: 

It's the Bailey 44 Gathered Jersey Dress and it's still available at Anthro for slightly more than it's worth. (See my review.) I'm definitely going to keep my eye on this Bailey 44 striped midi dress which will be really cute when it's on sale. I also think this red faux wrap dress would be a great summer option and, for those days when you want to dress like you just walked through a tornado, this Bailey 44 dress is aptly named. Heh. Oh, and if you're a size small, ModCloth has a very similar blue/teal dress with sleeves. 

I thought a red bag was needed to bump things up a bit. I'm carrying my bulletproof LV Epi speedy (via eBay) which does great in the rain: 

A good red satchel is on my short list of must-have items. This red Tuscany Leather bag is amazingly similar (and slightly smaller) and I love the super cheerful red of this Fossil brand satchel. MBMJ also does a great red bag and if I had my way, this beauty would be mine. *sigh* My bargain pick is this cheerful red nylon Polo satchel.

Daniel stopped by to say hi and stare at nothing on the wall the way cats do. So unnerving.  Details:

This photo shows the nice details in the dress! I'm wearing my Fisticuffs leather cuff and a couple of Banana necklaces. Both are sold out but this Melinda Maria scarab pendant is beautiful and BR still had these little beetle earrings and a brooch. The tiny pyramid stud necklace is everywhere, so isn't hard to find. Or, um, go in the other direction. Subtle! 

Finally, my Chie Mihara sandals. I really need to take this to my shoe guy for new heel taps but I can't seem to take them off my feet. The update is here and I'm so into this lower-heel version. Like, so so into them. Ugh. 

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  1. You look fantastic for work. This would put all the other cubicle dwellers to shame in my office.

    This outfit would also look well in one of those "work to cocktails" magazine features. (Though personally, if cocktails are on the horizon, I find it fun to go home and change out of the day's stress togs.)