Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Our Most Sincere Apologies.

M: Did YOU know Johnny Depp wears prosthetic teeth in all his movies because his actual teeth are rotten and disgusting? I just broke up with him.

A: WUT. This is very depressing but I’m not actually surprised.

M: I can’t ever go back.

A: 😳 Heavy drug use? Or is he just disgusting? Or both?

M: He apparently never does anything to his teeth. No dentist ever. His breath must be atrocious.


M: She is literally trying to escape.

A: Poor super moddle.

M: Well, maybe not poor. She’s made her choice.

A: Heh. The choice to hold her breath forever. 😶

M: So gross.


  1. Between Trump and Johnny Depp's teeth, I've lost hope in humanity.

  2. He's never done much for me and now that I know this I'm completely repulsed by him.

  3. Doesn't surprise me. He's good looking yes, but I always get the impression that he smells. Come on, he had to wear prosthetic teeth to play a PIRATE? His real teeth were too disgusting to even play a pirate. bahahaha! **BLECH!!**

  4. These are photoshopped, y'all.


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