Tuesday, May 10, 2016

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): OMG MBMJ at TJ Maxx

YOU GUYS. Now that I know the hidden secret of the TJ Maxx website, I can't stay away from it. There are a few new additions to the Lulu Frost jewelry - statement earrings, a poison ring, a fancy bracelet, and these earrings which are crazy:

BUT I also found bags, glorious bags! First, this little Kooba crossbody is only $50 and just hanging out by itself:

The other gem is these amazing "made in Italy" bags that are dead ringers for fancy LV styles. I love this white Iacucci speedy-style leather satchel:

And this red Alberta Di Canio dome satchel is gorgeous (and also comes in beige):

Quality leather bags made in Italy for those prices? Good stuff. BUT THEN! I found the Marc by Marc bags and it was all over. First, check out this nylon MBMJ Preppy hobo for $99:

Annnnd for $199 there’s this MBMJ leather Marchive Hilli Hobo:

AND for $149 this gorgeous aquamarine MBMJ leather tote:

And finally, at $179 this amazing blue leather MBMJ Ligero Bucket Bag:

*sob* Someone please buy that and put me out of my misery.

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