Friday, May 27, 2016

Cute Boy Friday: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

I'm still working from the list of suggestions and I looked up Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and was all, YES PLEASE. Like, where has he been my whole life?? Oh...Game of Thrones? Ugh, fine. I will try to watch it (again) but it's so complicated. But...this guy. Worth it:

Holy hell, right? Damn. Scandinavian hotness. 

And this one is all, "Hey girl, you look so cute in those old yoga pants. I have to take your picture."

And he reads books (or pretends to) which is really hot. Also: beard. 

 And here he is all Game of Thronesy:

Come on. You knew this was coming:

Happy Friday, all! 


  1. Oh goddy goddy godddd ....yes, please!! He is the hotness. Thank you, thank you!

  2. Mhmmm. Scandinavia is always the best.

  3. was he the guy in that movie with Cameron Diaz and...Leslie Something? No? And some young, luscious blonde girl (Amber something- or was that her name in the movie...?) Anyway, storyline; the Leslie woman is married to him- he's having an affair with C.D- who doesn't know he's married, the 2 women meet, plot revenge...3rd girl enters picture....

    I thought he was french perhaps- his hotness was lost on me in that movie because he plays such a graceless a******, but yes, your compilation does him considerably more justice...

  4. p.s- I haven't watched Game of Thrones either. At all. Everytime it comes on I get a hopeless feeling, because there's no way I can understand what's going on at this point, and also, I don't care. Probably one day I'll suddenly get into and be wondering why I didn't see the light, but for the moment, I remain happily ignorant.
    also- I know you can't help it- but the whole process one has to go through to publish a comment here is a PITA. I'll still do it, of course, but, just saying.

    1. Hey, what process? Word verification is turned off and there shouldn't be any sign-in process. What happens when you leave a comment?


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