Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Adrien: Long Weekend Casual.

I wanted to try for a fun weekend outfit but instead you get this. Heh. Okay, it's cute and all but I don't know that it qualifies as fun. I do what I can:

I'm wearing Gap Real Straight jeans with a great slub cotton tank I got from Banana last summer. They don't currently have it in solid colors, but the striped version is pretty cute! They also have slub tees in good colors. I'd been considering buying the Everlane linen tank and then remembered I had this tank, so yay for that.

I busted out my fun new Old Navy crossbody bag this weekend and it's great. (More deets below.) Nice to travel a bit lighter. My Gap jeans are standing in for the LOFT white jeans that I've ordered but haven't gotten yet. I got two pairs to try (the Modern straight and Modern skinny) and I want to warn you away from their high waisted style that I tried on over the weekend. They will make you want to die. Just don't do it.

Deets! I'm wearing my Giles and Brother skinny railroad cuffs and a beaded necklace I got from BR last summer. This Kendra Scott pendant is a similar style and I'm currently very taken with this white beaded tassel necklace I saw over the weekend. (It made up for the horror of the high-waisted jeans.) So cute and summery! I might have to snag it on sale. Now, my little bag:

Old Navy! It comes in a bunch of good colors (I saw more in-store) as well as black and brown  (and a larger version) but I just can't resist a bit of snakeskin. There are a lot of really nice little double zip crossbody bags out there, but for under $20 this one looks great and you don't have to worry about it getting beaten up. 

I needed some color so I went for my red Lotta from Stockholm peep toe sandals. No regrets, still love them. This red Kensie pair (in cork, rather than wood) is a similar, slightly less clunky option. If you're of the Say No To Clogs school of fashion, I give you these adorable red Calvin Klein sandals. You're welcome.


  1. Cute outfit! I went to BR and ordered that tank in the black with thin white stripes - the shape seems perfect.

  2. Also wanted to say - ordered a MbyMJ bag at the Barneys Warehouse sale yesterday online. The deep blue Lucy tote - so pretty! Thought of you as I ordered it.

  3. I love the LOFT high waist skinny, but I have an extremely long torso so they still hit below the belly button.