Wednesday, May 4, 2016

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Lulu Frost Secret Sale!

I feel like I have to make up for the whole Johnny Depp thing so how about a cache of ridiculously marked-down Lulu Frost jewelry? My friend Nina, who always finds the best stuff, let me know about the Lulu Frost jewelry just hanging out on the TJ Maxx website. None of it is over $40! They don't allow you to search by designer so Nina and I did the work for you:

This statement necklace is amazing and retails for $275! Oh, but it's $34.99 for you:

There are matching earrings and a bracelet as well. This bracelet is fancy in a very Downton way:

And how beautiful are these earrings?

Weren't you just saying you needed a crystal-studded bird necklace? Maybe that was me. 

That necklace retailed for $324! I can't stand it. Also, these are SO FANCY I LOVE THEM: 

Finally, this lapis bracelet makes me crazy. Craaaaazeeee: 

Ugh, it's all so pretty and I'm trying not to buy it all up. Halp. 


  1. Oh, thanks for this heads-up! I bought the pyramid bracelet, such a great shape!

  2. ENABLERS!!! I just bought the statement necklace, the bird necklace AND the earrings with the arrow at the top. So excited!! Why are they so cheap???? **happy dancing lady emoji**

  3. OMG WHAT!!! Amazing!! I nabbed the bird necklace for a zoo benefit I have coming up. I'm sure I'll go back and buy the other necklace and the last bracelet, because ? Gorgeous!
    Also, who knew TJMaxx had such great stuff online. Alexander McQueen dresses? They only carry crap at my local TJMaxx.

  4. Oh man, I jumped on that bird necklace! Can't pass up great jewelry for insanely good prices!