Monday, May 9, 2016

Adrien: Saturday Bowie and Casual-Fancy.

I thought I'd post a Saturday outfit because I own, um, several Bowie t-shirts and they never get shown on the blog. Now, I love a cool graphic band tee but pulling it off with effortless cool ala Kate Lanphear is a little more challenging, mostly because traditional t-shirts fit like garbage. That's right, I said it. They do. But! I bought this one recently and it had to happen:

I'm slightly ashamed to admit I bought this Ziggy Stardust tee online at Hot Topic (You hush up. And size up.) where they have a surprising amount of Millennial-aimed Bowie stuff, meaning Labyrinth, which is apparently the Bowie of the young. I have opinions on that that I'll keep to myself.  Bowie tees are everywhere right now - this one at Macy's is pretty good and I'll admit this one at Kohl's is tempting me. Finally, torturing me on a daily basis is this ridiculously cool R13 Bowie tee that has no business being so expensive. Ugh. 

I'm wearing last year's Banana Republic distressed skinny jeans. They super comfortable! This pair looks like a slightly darker wash version and I'm intrigued by this limited edition pair

Details! I'm wearing my Cluse La Bohème Rose Gold watch and a sparkly bracelet that Marianne made me. I'm also wearing my giant Alexis Bittar ring (which can be found on eBay) but I'm also fascinated by this crazy ring. Go big, y'all. 

I feel like I talk about this bag every week, I'm sorry! I carry it a lot. It's currently only to be found on eBay but this MBMJ Recruit Leather Hobo is quite similar and the Talbots hobo I've mentioned before is on sale!

My shoes? Well, let's face it. These TOMS slip-ons aren't really shoes in the strictest sense but they are damn comfortable and my pair is a little bit sparkly. Casual-fancy or something. This pair of neutral metallic slip-ons would also be a fun casual-fancy option and if that's too subtle there's a straight-up glitter option. And oh my God, you guys. THERE IS SNAKE PRINT. Dammit. I like those. 

The weather was questionable so I threw on my old faithful J.Crew Downtown Field jacket. There is no substitute so I won't even try. Good day to you.