Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Adrien: Anthropologie, I love/hate you.

Every time I read that Anthro is having another sale I get all worked up and rush out to the store, only to walk away empty handed. See, what I love about Anthropologie is not what Anthropologie is about lately and what I don't love seems to be a lot of what's available. Or, if I love it to pieces it's still too expensive, even with the markdown. The Great Heights shift dress, for instance, was marked down to $79.00 back in MARCH and languished in the sale room for weeks and weeks without ever getting marked down again. I would've paid $50 for it, but not $80. I just didn't love it $80 worth.

Also, I can do a little bit of ruffle or flower embellishment but too much just seems to overwhelm me and annoys my inner tomboy. I like interesting details (especially if they're vintage or nautically inspired) but I can't pull off a lot of crazy floof, especially in sad washed-out non colors. So, this, for instance:

Is my nightmare. Meh color, lots and lots and lots of floof. And still nearly $50. Ugh. And what the hell is all this:

WHO CAN WEAR THIS*? Not me. This, on the other hand, is adorable:

But I think I'm too old to wear it. Cute, but a little too 1950s toddler, perhaps? Then I saw this:

Happy medium, right? It's got details, but not too much and it's a nice color. and $29.95! Now we're getting somewhere.  (I actually put this in my cart only to have it snatched rudely away almost immediately. Now it's out of stock in pink. GROWL.)

So, now I move on to dresses and throw another tiny tantrum. I love this even though it can't see how to wear a bra with it:

But at $89.95 it's still too expensive for me.  At 59.95 this dress is perfectly simple and nicely priced:

But it's the color of SADNESS AND DESPAIR. I mean, really. Really? That is not even a color. That is what you get when color gives up and dies.

If I had unlimited funds and could buy whatever I wanted from the Anthro site right this minute, here's what I'd pick:

Isn't it just so cheerful and fun? I just freaking love it. And this is just the most perfect thing ever:

And, oh! Be still my heart. Please behold my dream cardigan:

I might actually have to buy that one even if it doesn't go on sale. I love it. And finally, I think this little boudoir set perfectly illustrates what I mean when talk about vintage details:

 I die.

*Disclaimer: If you have one or more of the floofy tops I just dissed and can wear them and make them look good, that is fantastic. I envy you. But please don't be all mad that I don't like them. I like what I like.


  1. I read that your dream cardigan is itchy. I'm sorry, I just know how you are about itchy things.

    I especially can't handle the tiered, ruffly peplum shirts. They look good on NO ONE. If you think they look good on you, you are wrong and everyone is lying to you when they tell you it looks great.

  2. I totally agree with your Anthro assessment! I get pulled in by other bloggers who are Anthro fangirls, but whenever I head to the store, I walk out disappointed.

    I love your blog, by the way -- this is my first visit :)

  3. I want the High Seas dress. Would not look good on me, but I still want it.

  4. LOVE that cardigan... and all your other picks!

    I can't do floofy either. End up feeling like I'm 5 and my mother dressed me.

    Designers are getting the romantic/vintage look all wrong by adding a million ruffles in washed out colors.

  5. I'm relieved that you all are in agreement on this most important topic.

    Marianne, NOT ITCHY. Are you trying to break my heart?

  6. Wouldn't it hurt MORE to pay full price and have no idea that it might be itchy? I'm sorry. Kim reviewed it on Anthroholic.

  7. I just saw that. But really, if it's wool I'll be wearing it in the winter with long sleeved tops, so...maybe? I'm sort of confused why it's in the stores in June, though.

  8. Very tricky. I am sure you could make it work, though!

  9. I tend to stick to dresses there. I used to love their skirts but it's been years since I purchased on.

    So many garments there seems to have flowers pasted to ruffles pasted to flowy things. And, for some reason, people want to belt all those flowy things and ruffles.

  10. I have that pink top - the shoulders fall down all day. Maybe I got a lemon!

  11. Eliza, it came back in stock so I ordered it and THEN read the reviews. Apparently shoulder-slippage is not an uncommon problem with this top. I have no shoulders at all so I expect to wear it around my waist.

  12. You're not missing out on the climbing cowlneck top. They had a ton of them at the Nashville store tonight, so I tried it on - SO not cute in real life. It looks really cheap, and yes, the shoulders fall down constantly.

    Also, Nashville still had one of the great height shift dresses in the sale room. You should call them and see what size/price it is. I'm willing to bet its been marked down even farther now!

  13. Jill, thanks for the tip! My store still has a handful of the Great Heights dress and they're still not marked down further. Boo.

    Comet Girl, yes.