Friday, June 4, 2010

Adrien: I have a weakness. (It's not Funk.)

Like Vocal Adrenalin* I have a weakness. But mine isn't funk, it's wedding attire.  See, casual, I can do. Work casual, I can do. Work dressy I can do. Fun party, I can do. Dressy events? I need to go lie down. I don't go to weddings or more formal parties very often and when I do get invited to one I'm pretty much paralyzed and have NO IDEA WHAT TO WEAR. Also, I don't actually own dress shoes. Not one pair. And, I don't want to buy any that cost more than, like, $20 because when will I wear them again? SO. I have a wedding to attend this weekend (my baby sister! I can hardly believe it!) and I need shoes, preferably that cost almost nothing. Here's the dress I'm wearing:

It's pretty casual, but it's a small wedding and I thought if my accessories were appropriately sparkly, I could pull it off. I considered the following but none of them worked for various reasons:

($15 from Payless)

($30 from Target)
($27 from Forever 21)

Then I found this pair by Nine West at Marshall's for $34:
They looked perfect. I took them home, put them on, walked three steps, took them off and put them back in the box because HELL NO. They were all wrong and ill-fitting and the straps cut into my toes in weird place. Boo. (In case you're wondering, I did try them on before I bought them but they were tethered together, a practice I hate.) At this point I was getting desperate. I'd checked Marshalls, TJ Maxx, DSW, Ross, and Target. Part of what was holding me back was the idea of buying a pair of sandals I could only wear for very specific occasions. I really liked the idea of a pair of metallic wedges, but I kept running into stuff like this:

Fun, but a little too Casual Beach Party Barbie for what I had in mind. So, today on my lunch break I decided to stop screwing around and I went to Macys. And they were having a sale! I left with this pair by Franco Sarto:

For $36! They were half off and I LOVE them. Perfect for parties, perfect for weekends, perfect for a small summer wedding.  Here's what they look like on me:

Cute, right? Damn, I'm tired.

*shameless Glee reference

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  1. I missed the Glee reference but I dig the sandals. We'll need pictures of the whole outfit, natch.