Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Marianne: You'll be able to wear it again!

Ugh. Just...ugh. We've been moving at work (again!), into our lovely renovated permanent space. On top of that, my supervisor has been out of town for two weeks, leaving me with her work on top of mine. Nothing is more boring than excuses, though, so I'll move on. Besides, you really come here for Adrien's cute hair and bags, don't you?

Anyway, here is a quick outfit of the day for you. As a good Southern girl of a certain age, I've been in lots of weddings. And almost every time, my well meaning sister, friend, or cousin swears that I'll be able to wear the bridesmaids dress again (with the exception of one former friend who chose iridescent watermelon chiffon--she wasn't delusional). Well, here is the one bridesmaids dress I really do wear.
It's simple, very lightweight washed silk, perfect for summer and office appropriate with a cardigan. Also, GOD my hair is huge.
The cardigan has adorable rosette details that I destroyed by washing. Whoops.


dress: anthropologie
shoes: Bobbi Blue
cardigan: JCrew
sunglasses: Kate Spade

Stay tuned, if I can get out from this crushing mountain of work I've got a good lesson in store on white denim and a shoe review. Ooooh, are you on the edge of your seats? No? Whatever.


  1. Wow! I've never been able to wear a single bridesmaid dress again. Whoever the friend was that chose your dress is a true friend indeed. And you hair is not huge, it's GORGEOUS. :)

  2. Dear Marianne, Please quit discrediting yourself. I love your contributions just as much as I love Adrien's. You are beatiful and so is your hair.

    Love, Jennifer

  3. I apologize, you are beautiful. (not beatiful) Can't spell this morning. :)


  4. SEE? Tole you so, Marianne. They love you! And your hair is fabulous.

  5. BUT, who AM I without my self deprecating comments about my lack of updating and remarkably Slash-like hair? WHO AM IIIIIII?

  6. Your hair is gorgeous. The combination of you and Adrien posting is always a delight.