Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Adrien: Spanx-free dressing.

This dress is one of my favorite Banana Republic purchases and I wear it year-round whether I should or not. It looks pretty good with boots and a slouchy cardigan, so that's wintery enough for me.

It's kind of a sack but belting it just doesn't work for some reason. I tried, trust me. So in the end I just let it be it's own thing. It's sort of refreshing to not worry about sucking in various body parts when I wear it.  Anyway here you go:

dress: Banana Republic
shoes: Franco Sarto
bag: Rebecca Minkoff MAC
necklace: Keen Designs


  1. I love looser fitting dresses! I hate spanx and can only muster wearing the tights so my summers are always full of spanx free loose fitting looks. You look great here!

  2. I love that dress. Looks great on you.

  3. This dress is gorgeous! For what it's worth, I think it still has a very slimming effect, I don't think it looks like a sack at all.