Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Adrien: Hot like whoa.

It's summer! Hi summer. It's so freaking hot out that the camera lens fogged up and the first set of photos all looked like this:

Awesome. As you probably can't tell, I decided to try to do that skinny-belted-cardigan thingy. I don't have the right color skinny belt (yet) but I didn't let that stop me, no sir. I just went for it anyway. This particular belt has the added bonus of having no keeper so I had to resort to double-sided tape to keep it in line. You can see for yourself how well that worked out:

Then, since all the regular photos were fogged up, I decided to practice some of my Precocious Fashion Blogger moves:

What's that down there?

What's that up there?

I have no idea what this is.

 And yes. Those are the exact same wedges I have in gold. Shut up. They were so on sale they were practically free.  

dress: Banana Republic
belt: Gap
cardigan: J. Crew
key necklace: Twist Style
sandals: Franco Sarto
bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Okay, bye bye!


  1. OMG, dying. I need to do some of my favorite poses tomorrow. And I neeeed those wedges!

  2. hahaha your precocious blogger poses are down pat!

    I think that belt color works perfectly here! You look great!

  3. The "I have no idea what this is" pose is the "Shhh, I am intently listening to my armpit" pose, I believe.