Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Adrien: I mean it.

The last time I wore this dress to work my (very proper) coworker asked me politely if I was going to a funeral. Er, no? Just wearing a black dress because that's how I roll:

 I'm pretty comfortable in black (in part because of my art-school past) and I've warmed up to wearing black's neutral cousin brown, but I'm not so comfortable in black and brown together. I know this is an outdated style notion but I feel like if you do it, you have to make it deliberate. You can't mix your neutrals out of laziness, people. You have to mean it. So here I am, trying to mean it:

dress: Target
shoes: Franco Sarto
cardigan: Old Navy
bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

So, what is your opinion about mixing black and brown? Do you have one? Do you care?


  1. Oh God, they would think I was going to a funeral every day. My closet is packed with black. In fact, I just bought a dress on my lunch hour and was debating between the fuschia and the black. What did I go with? The black. I'm nothing if not consistent.

  2. That's one of those dresses I see on the hanger at Target and say, "Wow! That's the greatest dress I've ever seen!" Then I put it on and note that I look like a bag full of big fat ick. It looks *great* on you.

    How come there aren't more deep v-necks that aren't also wide v-necks? I'm tired of having my bra straps show because the v is so damn wide. Plus, the deep v is flattering and narrows the shoulders (which is something I really need).

  3. See, and I'm always looking for something to make my shoulders look wider! Wanna switch? I have a hard time with the deep-v mainly because I always feel like I'm going to expose myself accidentally. Thank god for teeny tiny safety pins.

  4. I don't often mix black with a dark brown unless they are already a part of a print but I think black with a lighter brown or tan can be really smart together!

    You look great!

  5. I'd switch any day. I was a swimmer and have a broad back and massive shoulders. But, sorry, all the former muscle has long since turned to lard.

    A too-deep v is bad (boob 'n' bra peekage), but l like a narrow v. I need something like this: http://milo.com/narrow-v-neck-top

  6. A few posts behind, so playing catch-up. Also, my first comment on your blog, so yay for that.

    On to my point: I do not mix browns and blacks. I have a pair of pants that I can't decide is more brown or more black, and trying to pick the right shoes is IMPOSSIBLE.

    Also on the "no" list for me: pants that aren't black, brown, grey, the occasional khaki, or jeans. CERTAINLY no patterns. I have one skirt that's plaid. That's about as exciting as I get.

    And for me, the rule is still absolutely NO mixing navy blue and black, although some people have told me that's okay now (???). Is this true?? (I'm not buying it.)

  7. Hi Meghan! Thanks for commenting. I kind of agree with you on the navy/black thing but I don't actually love to wear navy anyway, so it hasn't been a big problem.

  8. That dress looks FABULOUS on you, and I want it ... is it still at Target now?

    I am trying to branch out of black crew/turtleneck everything, so ... this is at least one degree away from my usual. :-)

  9. I bought it a couple of years ago, but I think they come out with a similar version every year, so you might be able to find it still.


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