Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Marianne: anthro sale picks

I am wearing a repeat outfit today, my "Bustling Fauxvenues" look, minus the belt and plus a black cardigan because I work in Siberia:
So instead of outfit goodness, here are some of my recent picks from the massive anthropologie sale that happened last week. First up, the Climbing Cowlneck. And I wear a size bigger than Adrien, so I was NOT the one to steal it out of her basket:
I have resisted shorts for a long time, but on the weekends, when you are literally chasing a toddler, skirts and dresses are not practical. So I picked up the Cool Breeze shorts:
and the Heat Wave shorts:
I also bought this skirt, which I'm already regretting and I bet money I'll return it. I think I was on a high from my white jeans purchase:
Lastly, the ubiquitous Meeting Place tank, which I adore and hope comes before the projected July 23rd shipping date.
Reviews on all of these to come this week!

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