Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Marianne: Favorites.

This morning I pulled out an old favorite of mine, this linen floral shrunken blazer. I bought this seven million years ago off of eBay (okay, more like 7 years ago, but that's a long time still), and while the auction said "anthropologie", it's clearly some Japanese wannabe.
But I still love it. I've worn this blazer in every season with any combination of clothing. I took it on my honeymoon and I'm wearing it in my "about me" photo in my first blog entry.

It's one of those classic but quirky little pieces that I always get compliments on. At this point I think the cost-per-wear is something around half a penny.
Still working on getting the hang of the automatic timer on my camera, it seems. I am thinking I need to be using the flash as well--our walls are white, not beige.
This was supposed to include my head. Oh well. You can at least see the pattern on the jacket. I wanted to wear this with a different shirt and wasted 15 minutes of my morning looking for it before throwing this one on instead. This shirt is way too big but I didn't have time to deal with it, so there you go. I wouldn't normally wear something so long and baggy with this outfit.
blazer: eBay
tank top: Target
skirt: Banana Republic
scarf: street vendor in Paris (ooh!)
bag: Rebecca Minkoff MAC
shoes: Miz Mooz


  1. What a cute jacket! I really like how the bag brings out its rich colors.

    The "anthropologie" but not auctions are often the bane of my ebay searching but occasionally you can find something really great.

  2. This is kind of off topic but I love that painting – that is a fab background for taking pics. And it does match your RM quite nicely!

  3. Thanks Nina! Maybe I shoudl post more of my random art collection on the blog. This one was done by my best friend our freshman year of college. Yeah, she's talented.

    Jess, I hear you on the faux anthro auctions. This was the earlier days of eBay before it was so rampant, but obviously it still happened!

  4. I would love to see more art (as long as it matches your outfits - ha!). And Adrien said you have a new house – congrats! I'm sorry you lost the lake house from your aunt is about to sell our river house, which has been in the family since the 40s. So sad. My husband is playing the lottery, so we'll see...

  5. Just want to say that you look great in this outfit - I would have never been able to put all that together and make it work - I have some similar pieces at home that I will try!

  6. Aw, thanks Maggie! That made my day.