Friday, June 25, 2010

Adrien: Anthropologie showdown.

Just writing that last Anthro post made me itchy to get my hands on the unfortunate items that I knew wouldn't fit me anyway. So, today on my lunch break I ran over there to see what was what. My original intent was to photograph myself wearing the items I posted about on Wednesday, but the two dresses I loved were nowhere to be found. I mean, they might have been in the store but I kind of lose my vision and go snow blind when I walk in there. SO MUCH WHIMSY AND DECORATION. *trips over display made out of light bulbs and paper*

Anyway, I did find a few things I posted about and some that I didn't, so I loaded up the dressing room and proceeded to take the absolute worst photos possible. I have no idea how I managed to take such bad pictures but I do know the lighting was very much not good and my camera kept blinking the Red Battery Light of Doom, so I had to move fast. First up, just to prove a point, I give you the Floofy Horror:

Mimeo Blouse (aka floofy horror)

Told you.

Then I tried on the Albus Sprigs Tank  which I actually kind of liked, but not for $40:

I layered the Masked Stripes Cardigan over it which made me look like a crazy person, but I liked it! (Just blur your eyes and try to block the rest of my outfit.) It's itchy as hell but it's also really meant for fall/winter. I really don't get why it's in the store right now.

I'm not sure what's going on with my face there.

I also tried on this dress, which was on sale online for $39.95, but was still $79.95 in the store:

It technically fit, but there's nothing that bulks the waist up quite like a thick band of bunchy elastic, eh? I'll pass, thanks.  I found the Climbing Cowlneck top in the store, but only in navy in XS. I tried it on anyway and I liked it!

It did fall off my shoulders though. I didn't buy it because hitching shit up all day is not something I can handle. I had one last item that I tried on with the top - the Air Mail skirt:

Love. Love love love. So much cuter than it looks in that terrible photograph. So I bought it.

The end!


  1. I was sooo hoping to get that climbing cowlneck in red, but the small was too small and the medium was too big.*sigh*

  2. That first top is CRIMINAL. I think the climbing cowlneck looks great--mine just arrived so I'm off to try it on.

  3. What's going on with your face is you are giving the camera the "Don't You Dare Run Out of Battery So Help Me God I Will Beat You" look. I looked it up in my North American Adrien Facial Expression Field Guide.

  4. God love you. "North American Adrien Facial Expression Field Guide" just made me LOL for real.

  5. And as an added bonus, I didn't call you Adrian or Adrienne or Adreeanne or whatever.

    You're welcome.

    --Erica (not Erika or Ericka or Erikka)