Friday, June 11, 2010

Marianne: STOP IT.

People, just stop.
Stop paying upwards of $80 (or more!) for these thin, dingy looking tee shirts with "relaxed pockets".

You look like you borrowed my Uncle John's "weekend t-shirt". The one he wears to lay on the couch in the heat and watch sporting events and eat fried foods.
Oh my god, would you look at that? That costs lots of dollars, folks.
This one looks like a fungus.
That pocket just made me go blind.
And this one is $200.

If you are wearing these sad, sad Emporer's New T-Shirts, I'm sorry but YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.


  1. The "relaxed pocket" is really just an under-boob frame.

    What are people thinking? The designers and the fools buying them? "Look how this pocket lovingly frames my under-boob!"

  2. "Hi, designer people? I am looking for a shirt that will convey a mixture of poverty, debilitated self-image, and premature aging. Whaddya got?"

  3. I can't wear this look personally but I actually don't mind it. On some level, I think it is a way of designers saying, "if you are lithe enough that this kind of dumpy shape still looks good then kudos to you" but on the other hand its drapey style does suit a lot of the Ann D or Rick O or other such designers aesthetic.

    I do think charging as much as they do for them is highway robbery.

  4. It just looks like it should aid in breastfeeding or something to me.

  5. For $200, we can make your breasts look lopsided! Thank us now!!!

  6. Catherine: That's where I was going, too! It makes me think of an unhooked nursing bra!

  7. I don't really mind the look but I can't in good conscience pay more that $10 for a plain t-shirt anyhow. No matter the price, it has just as much of a chance of me ruining it, having it pill, getting a tiny pinhole in it, etc.

    I bought my first and probably only version of this style last week at Charlotte Russe. It's grey, more fitted and has silver sequins peeking out from the pocket. $10 for me to spill coffee on it.

  8. i've never seen these before but it looks like their boobs are sagging..... :S