Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Adrien: Re-Examining Top 10 Fashion Trends Men Hate.

Please to read:

Top 10 Fashion Trends Men Hate To See On Women

And then come back for my comments. But, before you do please understand that articles like this get my eyes rolling so hard because, hi, dudes? I do not dress for you. Nor do I care if you like what I'm wearing. Also, if I asked my husband what "top 10 trends" he hated he'd go into a spiral of such paralyzing and abject fear I worry I'd never get him calm again. If ever there were a loaded question he's unequipped to answer, it's, "Pray do tell, what top 10 trends do you so totally, like, hate to see on me?"

Anyway, comments:

1. Rihanna Style - Um, okay, dudes? She's a celebrity. That's her costume. I don't really see people walking around dressed like this.

2. Uggs - Now listen. I was on the Ugg Hater Train myself until someone (hi, Nina!) made me try on a pair and now I'm the Ugg Love Train Engineer. I know they're ugly but sometimes you just want warm toes. However, if you're wearing Uggs with shorts or a mini skirt you probably belong on this list.

3. Neon - Ew. Really? It's back?

4. The Color Pink - God, make up your minds, losers. You hate neon, but also disapprove of pink? Pray do tell us what colors you'd prefer us to wear.

5. Jeggings - I called bullshit on this before I even got to the part where they state, "a third didn’t even know what they were." So how did it make in the top ten?

6. Too Much Makeup - This is a trend? And how do we define "too much?" Is foundation too much? Is blush plus foundation too much? Is NO makeup what you want? Because I think you think it's what you want but it really isn't.  Trust me.

7. Leg Warmers - Show of hands, who's seen someone walking around in leg warmers lately? Yeah, me either.

8. Harem Pants
- Ew. Agreed.

9. Crappy Tattoos - Yeah, because I never, ever, see dudes in the gym covered in the crappiest flash tattoos ever tattooed. Dudes are a much worse offender of this one. But also? Please think hard, hard, hard before getting tattooed, ladies.  And yes, I am talking to you, young blond Hills-wannabe teenager I saw at Starbucks with the Chanel logo tattoo on your ankle. I'm sure you're just going to love that in 20 years.

10. Skinny Jeans - Agreed re. worse offender. Hipster dudes need to stop wearing their girlfriends skinny jeans because at least I have an ass to hold them up.

And there you go.


  1. Can we please answer this with a "Top 10 Things (since men don't really have "Trends"- do they?) Women Hate to See on Men" post?

    I'll start:

    1. Clothing that has been lying on your floor for longer than 24 hours- scratch that: Clothing that has been lying on your floor PERIOD.

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  3. I'll see your "clothes left on the floor" and raise you a "socks dragged around by the cat and abandoned in the middle of the living room floor and never to be picked up by the sock's owner who is NOT ME."

  4. Sadly, men's trends are things like popped collars, too much Axe body spray, and Under Armour worn as Outer Armour.

    If you haven't seen women dressed like Rihanna, you haven't been anywhere near Shockoe Bottom or any slightly "urban" club lately. Or VCU for that matter.

    Can we add on CROCS to UGGS hate? in some ways I hate them more, but it's hard to quantify things like blind rage.

  5. Yeah, you're not going to see me at any of the Shockoe Bottom clubs.

    And you did see that I'm actually in favor of Uggs, right? I don't hate them.

  6. No, I read it as the Ugg Hater Train Engineer. Dang. I was in a hurry to get out of work and finish my blog commenting quota for the day.

    Well, put Crocs on there anyway. At least Uggs keep your feet warm. The problem is I see people wearing Uggs in places that are decidedly not cold. I'd much rather see someone in my office in Uggs rather than Crocs (which I do have to see, every day, paired with a wrap dress most times).

  7. I had the same thing with Crocs that you had with Uggs. I thought they were a stupid fad. Then I had kids. Oooh--you mean there are shoes toddlers can put on by themselves? Without any involvement from me whatsoever? SIGN ME UP. And, being a horse person and a garden person, I needed easy to get on/off, washable shoes. Saw Crocs at Costco and decided to go for it. Now I'm a huge fan. I wouldn't wear them to the opera or anything, but they're practical and very comfortable. I know everybody likes to bust on Crocs, but I defend them every chance I get. They're funny looking, but that's OK in my book.

    P.S. Love the blog!

  8. Whenever I see articles like this, I always think about an article I read in the Philadelphia Inquirer a few year ago about what kinds of clothes men most like to see on women. The consensus seemed to be that women should always wear sundresses and those stripper shoes with clear plastic heels.

    My most hated man outfit: long-sleeve button down shirt, shorts, and flip-flops. Barf.

  9. Yeah, I hate that on dudes too and you see that look a lot around here.

    I can't green-light the Crocs, though. They are still on my HELL NO NEVER list.

  10. My most hated man looks: bootcut jeans, cargo pants, Ed Hardy anything, oversized jeans/shirts/shorts, sandals, esp. Teva (flip-flops are OK), shorts covering (or, god forbid, past) the knee, sweatpants under any circumstances, high-top sneakers (I don't approve of these on any adult). I could go on and on.

  11. Ha! I love all this. Probably unfair, but I always crack up a bit when I see a dude wearing really designery designer jeans. It just reads so metro.