Monday, June 14, 2010

Adrien: Day Off

Hey! Sorry about the lack of posting. I took a few vacation days and haven't been much interested in the internets. But, today I dragged my poor husband out into the blazing freakish heat and made him take my picture to show you that sometimes I sort of look like crap:

The shorts are the pair I just bought and I love them. I also love that t-shirt so much that I'll probably wear it until it dies. Together they're kind of "meh" but really, what am I supposed to wear to go see Get Him to the Greek? (Hilarious, btw.)

What I don't love is how slouchy and lame I look. Stand up straight! Suck it in! Eh, whatever, it's hot out.

t-shirt: Junk Food
shorts: Old Navy
sandals: Frye
bracelet: LOFT
sunglasses: Kenneth Cole Reaction


  1. For the record. I think you look comfy and cute. Also, I LOVE the sandals!!

  2. I have a love for Junk Food shirts, but have always held off on buying 'cause I wasn't sure how they fit. True to size, smaller, larger?

  3. Thanks, Brittany!

    Melissa, they run small. I think mine is a medium.

  4. I like your top! I just spent a few stressful mornings getting my parents Paul McCartney tickets for the Pittsburgh concert in August and am so sad I just can justify buying some for myself too. So pricey but I am sure it will be worth it!