Monday, June 28, 2010

Adrien: Cheap Thrills, Old Navy style.

Over the weekend Old Navy lured me back in with a promised 30% off everything (through tomorrow! Run!), but I really didn't need anything. This was a recreational shopping trip, just for the fun of maybe finding something awesome for next to nothing. And I think I did. I mostly combed the sale section and though I didn't find anything amazing, I did find a pair of super-soft thin lounge...crops? Knickers? I don't know what to call them but they have POCKETS FOR MY CHAPSTICK. Check it:

Worn here with my usual around-the-house gear: an inside-out paint speckled t-shirt and Reef flip flops. White hot.

I also bought a necklace that I'd fondled on my last visit but didn't buy, because, though it was nice, it had an element I didn't like. But, for 30% off, I was willing to dust off my jewelry pliers and remove said element. (I am so annoyed that I can't find stock photos of either of these purchases.) Anyway, see that red beaded necklace hanging on the right?

That would be it, minus the weird silver discs that I removed. You'll see it again later this week, I'm pretty sure.

What's your latest cheap thrill?


  1. Oh I recognize your necklace stand! I bought one that looks like a coat hanger at it was a great cheap thrill. But my most recent was a pair of shorts from old navy (in two colors). They are so comfy and have become my "too hot to look nice" casual go-to. :)

  2. Old Navy has GREAT shorts this season, don't they? Love mine.


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