Thursday, June 17, 2010

Adrien: Nordstrom Rack is deep, yo.

A friend sent me this article about shopping at Nordstrom Rack.

(have you read it? Go read it.)

Okay, you're back. Now, clearly this article is not about shopping at Nordstrom Rack. No, no, it's really about this dude's search for deeper meaning that he hopes might be found in a discounted sheer plaid hipster shirt. But forsooth! It's NOT. The shirt did not change his life! Woe is him!

I think that author forgot himself for a second and neglected to be, like, properly blasé when he found that shirt. I mean, really dude. If outlet shopping makes you so so very tired, maybe just don't go?

See, while I understand that Nordstrom Rack (and the like) can be overwhelming in it's sheer size and overall lack of shiny merchandising, it's really not the kind of place you go when you're looking for something specific like... the meaning of life. If that's what you're looking for, you'll never find it. (Hear that hipster-boy? YOU'LL NEVER FIND THE MEANING YOU SEEK AT NR.) Also, if you're looking for red shoes with a 3" heel, you won't find those either. But! You will find a pair of Chie Mihara flats for $80 that you had no idea even existed until you clapped eyes on them. THAT'S THE POINT. Places like that are all about the hunt for a magical creature you didn't know existed.

I mean, if you went duck hunting and found a wish-granting pure white stag, would you push it out of the way to get to the stupid ducks? I don't think so. And that's what this guy is doing. He's taking all of the joy out of the hunt and making it a tiresome, woe-is-me chore.

Now, I understand that not everyone likes to dig through random piles of crap hoping to find something great and to those people I say: awesome. Go to a normal store. There is nothing wrong with that. Plus, you'll not be in my way when I'm working a rack. (There is nothing I hate more than someone who jumps in front of me when I'm working a rack. DON'T DO THAT. IT'S SO RUDE. I DIGRESS.)

But, if you find mindless bargain shopping to be delightful fun and occasionally like to pay a LOT less for something pretty freaking nice, by all means, go. It's FUN. UNLESS YOU'RE THAT GUY.  I mean this quote?

"Last week, I wore the shirt to a concert. No one noticed one way or the other."

Is like asking for a punch in the face. Who's first?


  1. OH SNAP!!- LOVE THIS POST- Girl you are right on! I myself love the hunt to find something new and fabulous that so many other people put down or passed's like a stress release for me- a natural high, if you will, to.. as you say "work the rack"....that is unless someone cuts right in on my property zone (if I was there first and going in one direction- PLEEZE OH PLEEZE DO NOT swoop right on in and start rummaging in the opposite direction running straight into me!!!!GRRRRRRR- hissssss) which is so shopping high buzz kill! Anywho- I just had to comment cause this subject is so so very dear and close to my cheap retail heart :) PS I live in Arizona which famously is the one and only home to the one and only store that is a step below NR...LAST CHANCE- yesssss glorious I tell you...and it doesn't hurt that it's only a handful of streets from my house. PSS- love your blog- so cute!

  2. Hi! Thanks for reading and thanks for getting it. Especially the part where someone swoops in front of you when you're working a rack. That will get you the death stare from me every time.

    I'm very, very envious of your proximity to Last Chance. Dang.