Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Adrien: Secret Shame Update!

After posting about my closet a few weeks ago, I spent some quality time last weekend organizing and moving stuff around. I haven't bought hooks for the back wall yet (unless you count the giant nails left by the former owner. Thanks, lady.) but I'm hoping to do that this weekend. I saw something like this at Target:

And thought it might do this trick. I did, however, buy a large over-the-door hook thingy for my belts:

It's working out nicely for belts but when I tried to hang a couple of my smaller bags it really didn't work - they swing around too much and get tangled up. Then I organized all my clothes by type:

And reordered my storage box things, using the one on the top shelf for my smaller bags:

Here's what the rest of that side looks like:

And I organized my shoes a bit better:

So, baby steps! I still need to root out some of the shoes I don't wear anymore and deal with the hidden tower of shoe boxes that live in the left hand corner that you can't see. I'd also like to get some under-bed storage for all my boots, since they don't earn their keep in the summer.

Sorry, this isn't the most exciting update, is it.

Marianne: Shifting Feathers Dress

Good morning, world. I've actually had this dress for over a month but realized this morning it hasn't made it to the blog! I bought the Shifting Feathers Dress from anthropologie with a birthday gift card, after coveting it for weeks.
This dress was shorter than I expected. I guess the other bloggers I've seen it on weren't as tall as I am. It also isn't the most flattering dress I own, especially in the hip area. Part of the blame, I think, lies in the pockets. Once again, pockets are handy but they add bunchy material right to the hip area. I used to have a seamstress roommate that took the pockets out of all of her pants and dresses, and it really makes a difference.
In spite of some issues I obviously have with it, I love this dress. What it lacks in flattery, it makes up for in comfort and quality. The dress is fully lined in a silky jersey, which means you don't have to wear a slip. And who wants to wear a slip when it's 90 degrees outside?
The pleats at the top are nicely done and add interest without foofiness. The cloth tie belt that it comes with is fine but I prefer a wider belt to try and give some definition to my waist. And yes, I'm wearing the too-tall Marc Jacobs shoes that I regret every single time. I'm a sucker.
dress: C. Keer (anthropologie)
shoes: Marc by Marc Jacobs
belt: Anne Taylor Loft

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Marianne: anthro sale picks

I am wearing a repeat outfit today, my "Bustling Fauxvenues" look, minus the belt and plus a black cardigan because I work in Siberia:
So instead of outfit goodness, here are some of my recent picks from the massive anthropologie sale that happened last week. First up, the Climbing Cowlneck. And I wear a size bigger than Adrien, so I was NOT the one to steal it out of her basket:
I have resisted shorts for a long time, but on the weekends, when you are literally chasing a toddler, skirts and dresses are not practical. So I picked up the Cool Breeze shorts:
and the Heat Wave shorts:
I also bought this skirt, which I'm already regretting and I bet money I'll return it. I think I was on a high from my white jeans purchase:
Lastly, the ubiquitous Meeting Place tank, which I adore and hope comes before the projected July 23rd shipping date.
Reviews on all of these to come this week!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Adrien: Cheap Thrills, Old Navy style.

Over the weekend Old Navy lured me back in with a promised 30% off everything (through tomorrow! Run!), but I really didn't need anything. This was a recreational shopping trip, just for the fun of maybe finding something awesome for next to nothing. And I think I did. I mostly combed the sale section and though I didn't find anything amazing, I did find a pair of super-soft thin lounge...crops? Knickers? I don't know what to call them but they have POCKETS FOR MY CHAPSTICK. Check it:

Worn here with my usual around-the-house gear: an inside-out paint speckled t-shirt and Reef flip flops. White hot.

I also bought a necklace that I'd fondled on my last visit but didn't buy, because, though it was nice, it had an element I didn't like. But, for 30% off, I was willing to dust off my jewelry pliers and remove said element. (I am so annoyed that I can't find stock photos of either of these purchases.) Anyway, see that red beaded necklace hanging on the right?

That would be it, minus the weird silver discs that I removed. You'll see it again later this week, I'm pretty sure.

What's your latest cheap thrill?

Adrien: I should just burn it.

The dress I'm wearing today frustrates me to no end. It looks like it should work with everything but instead it works with nothing. The last time I wore it I was really annoyed with every pairing I came up with and when I tried it again this morning I ran into the same problem. Black is too strong, all my belts looked wrong, my necklaces weren't working, nothing worked. It's the dress, there's just something about it that's not quite right.

Now, viewing the photos I think the dress looks okay, but I'm still annoyed by it and I can't quite put my finger on why. I do think neutral/metallic sandals work better than black but...a bright bag looks better than the neutral I was considering. Not confusing at all. Bursts into flames.

dress: London Times
sandals: Franco Sarto
key necklace: Twist Style
bangle bracelets: J. Crew
bag: Rebecca Minkoff

Friday, June 25, 2010

Adrien: Anthropologie showdown.

Just writing that last Anthro post made me itchy to get my hands on the unfortunate items that I knew wouldn't fit me anyway. So, today on my lunch break I ran over there to see what was what. My original intent was to photograph myself wearing the items I posted about on Wednesday, but the two dresses I loved were nowhere to be found. I mean, they might have been in the store but I kind of lose my vision and go snow blind when I walk in there. SO MUCH WHIMSY AND DECORATION. *trips over display made out of light bulbs and paper*

Anyway, I did find a few things I posted about and some that I didn't, so I loaded up the dressing room and proceeded to take the absolute worst photos possible. I have no idea how I managed to take such bad pictures but I do know the lighting was very much not good and my camera kept blinking the Red Battery Light of Doom, so I had to move fast. First up, just to prove a point, I give you the Floofy Horror:

Mimeo Blouse (aka floofy horror)

Told you.

Then I tried on the Albus Sprigs Tank  which I actually kind of liked, but not for $40:

I layered the Masked Stripes Cardigan over it which made me look like a crazy person, but I liked it! (Just blur your eyes and try to block the rest of my outfit.) It's itchy as hell but it's also really meant for fall/winter. I really don't get why it's in the store right now.

I'm not sure what's going on with my face there.

I also tried on this dress, which was on sale online for $39.95, but was still $79.95 in the store:

It technically fit, but there's nothing that bulks the waist up quite like a thick band of bunchy elastic, eh? I'll pass, thanks.  I found the Climbing Cowlneck top in the store, but only in navy in XS. I tried it on anyway and I liked it!

It did fall off my shoulders though. I didn't buy it because hitching shit up all day is not something I can handle. I had one last item that I tried on with the top - the Air Mail skirt:

Love. Love love love. So much cuter than it looks in that terrible photograph. So I bought it.

The end!

Marianne: White Jeans and Poses

As you know, I've been on the hunt for some white jeans for under $50. Since I've found good premium denim scores at T.J. Maxx in the past, I headed there. First I tried on some Paige Denim skinny crops,
I'm just going to go ahead and proclaim that skinny jeans should be dark. Period.

Luckily, I had grabbed the Perfect Pair of White Jeans. Some $40 Ralph Lauren numbers that were crisp and flattering and perfect. Let's ignore the hot mess of a shirt I was also trying on:
I changed to a different Hot Mess of a shirt, but still loooove these jeans.
I have since worn these to death. Yesterday was the third wearing, and I waited until evening to take pictures. And so, everything is a bit wilted and stretched out looking. I love this feather-print t-shirt from Forever 21, I wish I had bought 2. I also wish I had taken a detailed shot of it, but you can't win them all.
Since it's Silly Fashion Blogger Pose Week, a few more for your enjoyment. The Pee Pee Dance:
The I'm Trapped In A Box:
And the Catch Toddler Sprinting For The Stairs:
jeans: Ralph Lauren
t-shirt: Forever 21
sandals: Cynthia Vincent for Target
scarf: street find in Paris

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Adrien: More Awesome Poses

I had about 30 seconds to get dressed today and I started from the top and worked my way down, which should be fairly obvious. I'm possibly a scroll-down today. I really wanted to wear this fun necklace I recently found at LOFT:

 I paired it with a Target t-shirt I purchased two months ago and have never gotten around to wearing. So okay, I had a necklace and a t-shirt. Then I added a skirt that I don't really love anymore, but I like how the pattern worked with the necklace. That just left shoes.


I tried on my off-white Frye peeptoes and then decided it made the whole thing look too precious. Then I took them off and stared at the rest of my shoes blankly. Drool formed. The clock ticked. I put the damn Fryes back on.

All this blank-eyed pondering left me no time to spaz out about what bag to carry so I just went with the one my stuff is still in. It doesn't work, but I can't help that. To distract you, I continue this week's tradition with some more really awesome new poses:


 Scary Raptor Eat You!

The Elaine Dance.

You're welcome.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Adrien: Anthropologie, I love/hate you.

Every time I read that Anthro is having another sale I get all worked up and rush out to the store, only to walk away empty handed. See, what I love about Anthropologie is not what Anthropologie is about lately and what I don't love seems to be a lot of what's available. Or, if I love it to pieces it's still too expensive, even with the markdown. The Great Heights shift dress, for instance, was marked down to $79.00 back in MARCH and languished in the sale room for weeks and weeks without ever getting marked down again. I would've paid $50 for it, but not $80. I just didn't love it $80 worth.

Also, I can do a little bit of ruffle or flower embellishment but too much just seems to overwhelm me and annoys my inner tomboy. I like interesting details (especially if they're vintage or nautically inspired) but I can't pull off a lot of crazy floof, especially in sad washed-out non colors. So, this, for instance:

Is my nightmare. Meh color, lots and lots and lots of floof. And still nearly $50. Ugh. And what the hell is all this:

WHO CAN WEAR THIS*? Not me. This, on the other hand, is adorable:

But I think I'm too old to wear it. Cute, but a little too 1950s toddler, perhaps? Then I saw this:

Happy medium, right? It's got details, but not too much and it's a nice color. and $29.95! Now we're getting somewhere.  (I actually put this in my cart only to have it snatched rudely away almost immediately. Now it's out of stock in pink. GROWL.)

So, now I move on to dresses and throw another tiny tantrum. I love this even though it can't see how to wear a bra with it:

But at $89.95 it's still too expensive for me.  At 59.95 this dress is perfectly simple and nicely priced:

But it's the color of SADNESS AND DESPAIR. I mean, really. Really? That is not even a color. That is what you get when color gives up and dies.

If I had unlimited funds and could buy whatever I wanted from the Anthro site right this minute, here's what I'd pick:

Isn't it just so cheerful and fun? I just freaking love it. And this is just the most perfect thing ever:

And, oh! Be still my heart. Please behold my dream cardigan:

I might actually have to buy that one even if it doesn't go on sale. I love it. And finally, I think this little boudoir set perfectly illustrates what I mean when talk about vintage details:

 I die.

*Disclaimer: If you have one or more of the floofy tops I just dissed and can wear them and make them look good, that is fantastic. I envy you. But please don't be all mad that I don't like them. I like what I like.

Marianne: Strike a pose.

Have I mentioned that it is freaking hot? 97 degrees today, people. I can barely handle putting clothes on, so unflattering sack dress it is. As an aside, I might be the only person out there that dislikes pockets on most dresses. I think they add bulk right on the hips, and I can't stop myself from putting my hands in there, which ruins the line. Just my 2 cents.
I was, however, inspired by Adrien's last post and thought I would interpret some of my least favorite fashion blogger poses. If you are guilty of posing like this, I'm not going to apologize. I still love you and I think your hair is pretty, though.

First up, the Little Lost Girl. Knock knees are a must.
And now the Sassy "What's That Up There?"
I call this one, "I'm Just Walking. So Blasé." This one really shows off the sack-like properties of this dress, doesn't it?
And then I made up some new ones. Please feel free to use these liberally.
The Hailing A Cab:
The Fashion Zen:
And my favorite, the Scary Scary Monster!
Dress: J. Crew
Bag: Marc Jacobs Stella
Shoes: Miz Mooz