Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Adrien: Better Last Year.

I've worn this Old Navy dress several times on the blog and it's starting to look a little sad in person. I think my favorite striped-dress outfit was this one last August. I didn't really do much with it this day, but it was hot as balls, so I didn't care:


Stella loves a good photo-bomb:

dress: Old Navy (similar)
shoes: Frye Iris (similar)
bag: Louis Vuitton (similar)


  1. I mourn this dress. The b&w shrank and was out of stock, so I exchanged it for the blue & white stripe in the next size up, which did not shrink and is too big. And then the solid navy version shrank. I gave up.

  2. I love how color coordinated Stella is!

  3. mmmm...stripes are always so cool on a hot day. and with the hot red bag (and a soft silky black cat...) perfection! I love it (and I hate when favourite easy dresses like this start wearing out- I sometimes find the same dress while thrifting and get backups actually!

  4. Thanks y'all! Stella is very pleased that you appreciate her.

  5. I have never met anyone else who says "hot as balls." Because really, what else could describe it??