Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Marianne: Cowgirl

I've been wearing these boots a lot lately, for several reasons:

1. Something about the color and shape makes me not wear them in the winter. They seem like spring/summer boots, as dumb as that sounds.

2. They are really, really stiff, and I am trying to break them in.

3. I am trying to decide if I really even want to keep them.

They are great boots, and one of the things in my closet that get more comments from strangers than anything else. I just wish the toe was a different shape and that the heel wasn't so chunky. Also, I feel a little bit like a cowgirl when I wear them, no matter what I've paired them with.

Here I'm wearing them with a dress that I love, but it's way too big on me now, so I have to wear something on top of it and belt it. I keep looking and looking at these pictures and I can't decide if this is a successful outfit or not. What say you, Internet?

denim shirt: Gap (similar here)
dress: Max Studio (similar here)
belt: Loft (similar here)
boots: vintage Justin


  1. I like it! I think you look supercute, as always. I know what you mean about the boots -- I have shoes that make me feel like they can only be worn with certain things -- but I really like these on you.

  2. I think the outfit totally works, but I also understand having something that you feel doesn't *quite* work for you. I think maybe it means you need an updated pair of Frye Campus boots or something.

  3. Those boots are horrible. You should probably just give them to me.


  4. I feel ya on the heel of the boots. It's crazy how something so small can make you feel off. You still look adorable though!

  5. damn- I was gonna say the same thing! ;) I tend to wear boots like this a lot in the fall- it's harder somehow in spring, even though the weather is the same. They're cute with the green dress and light braided belt- no worries there!

  6. I know what you mean on the boots - I love them on everyone else but when I try them on they just aren't right. Love the whole outfit though - colors are great.