Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Adrien: Limited Wardrobe

In honor of the Shobbit's not being a FAN, I decided to put together an outfit I managed to dredge up from my uninteresting, limited wardrobe. I am just so ashamed that the beagle-femured hobbit doesn't approve of my sad, pedestrian "looks." (I mean, never mind that my yearly salary is about the same as what his camera lens probably costs.) I SHOULD TRY HARDER.

Or, I'll just show you something I've already worn a bunch and throw in a pair of shoes that I just posted about on Monday. But, just so you all don't quit me, I got a haircut?

And this is what happens when you taunt your photographer:

dress: BCBG (not that similar, but cute!)
shoes: Miz Mooz Hype
necklace: Banana Republic (similar here and here)
bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier
haircut: Wack! (ask for Aleen)


  1. As for the Shobbit, he can go...well, you know. Tho' he's probably too short to do it to himself.

    LOVE, the haircut. You are giving me the short 'do jones.

  2. I love your haircut and your limited wardrobe.

  3. Fave dress! Love the cut!

    So what is Shobbit's agenda? Most of the looks on his site are basically the same kind of thing anyhow. You don't develop a personal relationship with those people either. God, I hate him.

  4. I think his agenda is that he wants us to loathe him deeply? Successful so far!

    And thanks for the nice comments! I know I post this dress an obnoxious amount but I thought it the point.

  5. Yeah, I feel like he's being quite successful at alienating a large base of his readers. First, he cheats on his wife, then "sturdy" legs and now criticizing the limited wardrobe of the average woman? Smug lil troll.

  6. Love the haircut!

    Does the Shobbit really think that the people he randomly photographs have UNLIMITED wardrobes? Mind you I'm not counting the famous sorts he can't help but suck up to.

  7. You look so great! I love your new hairstyle! I hate the shobbit like poison. If anything I think a lot of American personal style blogs reveal that so many of us (myself included) don't abide by that French convention of curating a very minimal wardrobe of a few beloved, high-quality staples. Frankly I wish I could be less focused on quantity.

  8. Hee, I would have a LOT more clothes if I had unlimited funds, but I think a lot of why I read style blogs is to see how average women make their limited wardrobe work for them. I mean, just look at Sea of Shoes to see what happens when you have too much money to buy whatever crazy crap you want. The result isn't always good.

  9. Jess, that is a great point. There are a lot of personal style blogs where I feel like people are wearing something new every single day.

  10. He's a douche. Love the haircut and who could resist big smiles when making fun of him!

  11. First of all, new commenter here but have been lurking a while. Love your style and the new haircut is LOVELY! And those shoes - yumm. I don't know who this Shobbit person is but to look at his picture, it appears as if someonoe has hold of his privates with a bulldog clip. What qualifies him to comment on women's clothes - does he wear them himself? My guess is that he is trying to make himself look important when he isn't relevant at all. Keep up the good work with your blog!