Friday, May 27, 2011

Girlfriend Chinos.

A: It's my Special Rage Time and this just made me laugh and laugh:

source: The Sartorialist

M: Adrien, be nice to my new boyfriend. He's very sensitive.

A: Right, but he's wearing your Cropped Boyfriend Chinos. The name is confusing him.

M: Wearing my clothes helps him feel closer to me. At least that's what he tells me when I catch him wearing my underwear.

A: What did he tell you when you caught him with that bowl on his head? You could've stopped that haircut, dude.

M: I don't want to make him cry again. God, with the crying.

A: Maybe he's crying because you let him go out of the house like that?

M: I couldn't wait for him to leave. It gives me a chance to pack. Did I mention the crying?

A: So, what does he have in that briefcase? Not briefs, I'm guessing.

M: Barbies.

A: Oh, does he have a play date with the rest of the Little Rascals?

M: He and Harness Goth have challenged Anna Della Russo to a game of Stickball.

A: Are they going to use a Birkin instead of a ball?



M: ?

M: Sorry, I have fallen into a luxury sporting goods wormhole.

A: How filthy rich do you have to be to even consider Chanel tennis balls a good purchase?

M: God, I don't know. I picture P. Diddy throwing them to his dogs or something.

A: Oh. Wow. Yeah. Crying.

M: Which leads me to this:

Which makes me need to go lie down for a nice long rest. FOREVER.

A: I think we need to break up.

M: I'm sorry.

A: Please leave.


  1. Where is Tweedle Dum, do you think? And as for what's in the satchel? Paperdolls is my guess.

  2. Marianne, your new boyfriend looks like he might be related to Dwight Schrute.

  3. ahahaha a luxury sporting goods wormhole!

    You are too funny!

  4. YES! i cannot get enough of you guys. made my day :)


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