Friday, May 20, 2011

In Case of Rapture, This Blog... will still be manned.

A: Apparently Saturday is Judgement Day? Nina just sent me this email:

Can you and Marianne do a “Rapture Edition” of your blog for Saturday? Not sure if she expects to be staying or going but I’m guessing you’ll probably sticking around here with me, right? Might be a nice way to highlight some travel outfits, or, alternately, comfortable clothes for the end of the world.

M: HAHAHA. I love Nina. Yeah, some folks think May 21st is the end of the world. But yes, we could pick some things in light, breathable non flammable fabrics for us sinners.

A: I told Nina the magic Target dress is pretty much perfect since we're all doomed anyway. I mean, most of us are staying right? And it's not the end of the world until October! May 21 is just the Rapture.

M: Ah! Shows what I know. We might be getting into some trouble.

A: My middle name is Trouble! (Not really.)

M: Adrien "Trouble" Hamilt0n sounds like a prospector or saloon owner or something. Well, maybe not the Adrien part. Too Frenchy.

M: Ooh, can I wear this?

Black Dresses by C&C California at ShopStyle

It looks so breezy. Plus it will cover my legs, which will no doubt be hairy and unwashed.

M: Miley already knows what she is wearing:

A: Aw yeah, girlfriend knows how to stay on earth! I was thinking it would be the perfect opportunity to wear these:

Pumps by Christian Louboutin at ShopStyle

M: You are smart to think in terms of self defense. I will be a goner with my long dress all tangled in my hairy appendages.

A: Well, and have you seen my hair? I can't get any kind of prairie pouf going AT ALL.

M: Yeah, with your Frenchy name and edgy hair, you'll be battling it out in the city while I escape to the hinterlands with my toddler and my beagle and all of this hair.

A: I never stood a chance, really. I mean, I have cats.

M: You know at the first threat of world's end, Stella is going to try and eat you. Right? Right.

A: I swear to you, and I am not lying, when I was all insomniac-y the other night Fuzz came to hang out with me and I thanked her and said, 'You know Stella is just waiting for me to die so she can eat me, right?"

M: That kind of breaks my heart because it's so true. Watch your back.

A: It's especially annoying because I PICKED HER OUT. She's a black cat though, so no way will she make the rapture. She's basically the devil's cat.

M: Stella will probably be in charge when shit goes down. I'm a little nervous.

A: She's kind of like Pouty though, so I think as long as I have a bunch of Smiths CDs on hand I can keep her in line.

M: How are you going to play those CDs with no electricity?

A: My iPod battery will last a day or two if I'm careful (and don't try to pointlessly check my email over and over again.) Wait...WHO'S SIDE ARE YOU ON ANYWAY WITH YOUR LONG PRAIRIE HAIR?

M: I just don't think you are taking this very seriously.

 I'll be safe from your cat, is all.

A: Maybe Fuzz will protect me? She can be quite a little spitfire when she wants to be.

M: Well let's just hope.


  1. You could make a sweet deal with the devil in those shoes!

  2. lol! I love this rapture outfit roundup. I'll be sticking around with the other heathens. Thankfully because I am snack lover, I have plenty of dried fruits and nuts in the house to use as barter. I figure my fellow sinners might have weapons and bottled water (since those are things I don't keep around) but they might eventually want some chili mango, craisins, or canned almonds. I'll be ready when they come pounding!

  3. oooh nice shoes!! :O)
    !!fantastic blog!! kisses

  4. You have me thinking about this Rapture thing. Technically, I am a born again Christian (hope you weren't drinking anything when you read that) due to a lapse in judgement in middle school. Does that mean I have to go with the uptight boring people on Saturday? I am ion my way to Provence, dammit, and I would at least like to finish my vacation. Besides, all I have with me are black clothes, (not that I. own anything else) and I am not sure that works up there. Please tell me I won't have to wear pastels. They wash me out.