Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Marianne: Jean Jacket.

I've been working on cleaning out my closet to stock the shop, and I finally, finally found my jean jacket from college. And since what goes around comes around, I'm holding on to this baby.
Sure, it's a size small and I'm...not, but I think it still works.
A little detail shot.
This was another case of fashion Garanamals: dress + jean jacket + colorful scarf + fun shoes + fun bracelets = easy-as-pie outfit.

dress: Land's End Canvas Fit & Flare (similar, but way more expensive, here)
jacket: Gap (vintage, similar here)
shoes: Biviel
scarf: Echo (similar here)
bracelets: handmade and vintage


  1. I still have my Gap denim jacket from college too.

    I love this outfit.

  2. It looks cute! I have a levis denim jacket from college that I still wear. I never usually button my denim jackets anyway so as long as I can get it on my shoulders the fit isn't an issue. This one looks great on you!

  3. That's such a great jacket! I've been craving a denim jacket lately, but everything is too expensive or stiff or faded. I feel like Goldilocks. Yours is perfect, though.

  4. Yes- definitely a keeper. It looks great on you.