Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Marianne: Unoriginal (but cute!)

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I haven't forgotten! More on that bracelet.

So, like half of the internet, when I saw this DIY on Honestly, WTF, I pretty much lost my cool. I wanted wanted WANTED to make this like yesterday. So I grabbed some brass hex nuts and some butcher's twine and set about making a little one for Adrien and I. I considered these the prototypes:
Pretty cool, right?
But I wanted more. Way more hex nuts, less twine, and a different color pairing. So I picked up some great slate grey waxed twine and a ton more hex nuts and set to work. I had to use 9 strands total because the twine was much thinner, but I love the color and that it doesn't fray. I made one for Adrien, too (duh). I think I ended up using about 30 hex nuts. I could have gone with even more.
I am pretty much a huge fan. I am just tying it on right now but I'm thinking about getting a real closure for it. This bracelet cost under $5.00 to make and it gets comments like you wouldn't believe. Now I'm daydreaming about making a graduated necklace version. Swoon.


  1. Love that you used more hex nuts for the project! I finally saw them online and knew that's what you had done! A necklace is gonna be insane!
    Okay, gonna have to get crafty!

  2. Ummmmm. This should be available for purchase. It is so incredible!

  3. Agree. I'd totally pay you to make me one too. : )


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