Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Adrien: The Thing About Wrap Dresses

Okay, you know that thing where fashion people claim the wrap dress is the most universally flattering perfect wardrobe staple thing? I don't think this is true because there is no such thing as an item of clothing that looks good on EVERY SINGLE PERSON EVER OMG.  I know I've tried on a few that looked horrific on me but I've also had a few that looks pretty darn good and one that ended up being a fantastic investment.

I bought this dress at Nordstrom maybe six or seven years ago and at the time it seemed pretty expensive to me, so I agonized over it, put it on hold twice, dragged Kate out to the store for a second opinion and finally bit the bullet and just bought the damn thing. And it's been great. A workhorse of a dress that always gets compliments.

Dress: Lily (similar)
shoes: Frye (similar)
bag: Louis Vuitton (similar)


  1. I think it depends on the wrap dress. I had one from Old Navy that was terrible! But I think that had more to do with who made it than the dress itself.

    That dress? The one you're wearing? ROCKS.

  2. That is a great dress!

    I have issues where the top areas won't stay closed, or aren't "lean over at work" friendly. I don't have a lot of real wraps, but wrap style do this too and I end up having to pin or put in a concealed snap or something to keep from flashing people.

  3. I love this dress. I have become a little lax with keeping my boobs properly covered lately and I need to be better about keeping things pinned.

  4. Your Louis looks especially beautiful with this graphic print!

    Oooh, and for the boob exposure issue, I just got these lace bandeaus (Miss Oops Boob Tubes) that I'm hoping will solve this issue. I HATE pinning wrap dresses.

  5. Oh, what a good solution! Please let me know if they work. I hate doing the cami thing.

  6. I love that pattern so much!
    Yeah, I think the reason people say they're great for everyone is because they're adjustable and accentuate the waist but the boob issue is horrible for me. I do not like wearing a scoop neck under a v-neck at all.

  7. Reporting back on the boob tubes...they work pretty well. The lace is dense enough that it's relatively demure. HOWEVER, if you have those weird fat pouches over your boobs by your armpits (if you don't know what I'm talking about, lucky you), it can definitely create a lumpy situation. It was mildly noticeable, but not enough to keep me from wearing it yesterday.

  8. Thanks! I'm mostly worried about itchiness and slippage, but armpit muffin-top is a concern too.