Friday, May 6, 2011

We Can't Stop.

M: Could Garance Dore's last post be more of a White Whine?

A: Ha, I just posted a comment with nothing but as my message. It won't get approved, but dude, someone had to do it because SHUT UP.


A: ALSO, WTH with the denim cutoffs? I'm thinking the Shobbit didn't approve that entry.

M: Did the Shobbit go to Coachella with her? I don't think so. I hope that this is the beginning of the end.

A: It sounds like she was all by herself.

M: She is infected by his insufferableness but I want her to be free.

A: I really think she's probably not a bad person, she's just being painted by his douche-brush.


A: But seriously, there is some disconnect in your brain when you post a whole entry about how sucky Coachella is because you didn't have a VIP pass. BOO HOO.

M: I know! And you are late to your fancy parties! WAAAAH.

A: And then, the friends you glom onto don't have VIP parking! WAAAAH.

M: So tragic, her life.

A: It's really VERY sad.

M: I can't wait for her heartbreaking post about how the humidity in New York has made her hair go frizzy. People will weep.


M: Oh, she'll just get another Brazilian Blowout. Which the Shobbit won't like. Which brings me back to: Is This The Beginning Of The End?

A: God, I hope so! Her blatant love of denim shorts is just a slap in his cereal box of a face, isn't it?

image: Sartorialist

M: Something tells me he would find denim shorts a little pedestrian. A bit, shall we say, Personal Style Blog?

A: He was positively raging against the Denim Short Machine in that article, so I really feel like her mention was deliberate.

M: That gives me hope for her.

A: We shall see.

M: I am reading the comments on that interview he did and this made me snort:

"i think barring his neck and lips issue, he is totally hot but he is trapped inside his dwarf body that adds to his pretentiousness."



A: Oh man, these ARE OUR PEOPLE.

M: Just making my day.

image: Sartorialist


  1. Don't ever stop!
    I used to like her but honestly, any woman who assists a man in cheating on his wife is no friend of mine. I hope she's coming to her senses.
    And what is up with this Coachella whining? What happened to going to a music festival and uhm... enjoying the music?

  2. heh...I haven't read Garance in awhile actually- I just kinda gloss past it in my blog roll now. She used to just be more...real...and french...

    I'm not sure what I think about Mr. Garance actually- can't decide if he's tiresome or irritably interesting...