Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's Good To Have Hobbies.

M: ...Alexander Skarsgård might be my Daniel Craig. He makes me feel funny.


M: Tell me you watch True Blood. I have only seen the first two seasons but he is the only reason I watch.

A: We tried. I think we made it two episodes in before Kenny pretended the DVD player remote was broken.

M: Oh, Chris is just horrified by it. HORRIFIED.

A: Kenny kept looking at me with this sad face all, "Lady? Why."

M: But there are boobs! Boobs? No? Come back, Kenny!

A: I know! Apparently really terrible southern accents override boob action.

M: Well, you should watch it. Because DANG:

A: I think maybe my husband can find something else to do for an hour YOU ARE RIGHT.

M: I am just SAYING. It's good for you to have separate interests. My interests are apparently underneath his shirt.

A: My interests are as follows: Pretty Things I Can't Afford, Daniel Craig in Speedos. Everything else falls under, "other stuff."

M: Don't forget ponies! And David Bowie.

A: Oh, David Bowie is definitely a top-level interest. Ponies get filed under "other stuff."

I think your vampire fellow is pretty interesting, as well.

M: His character is so bad that I end up with Stockholm Syndrome and I love him.

A: Sometimes it's easiest to just give in.


  1. Okay, see, *intellectually* I can see why he's handsome, but for some reason he just doesn't do it for me. Now Alcide, THAT's another story altogether. I don't even watch the show and I know who HE is. Rawr!

    Okay weirdest thing ever!! My verification word WAS MY OWN LAST NAME! Freaky!

  2. men in 2 posts this week!! Usually we're only lucky enough to get one post per week. Can I add to the list of hot men?
    Henry Cavill! Do you know him from The Tudors? I suspect if you don't know him, you will soon. I bet his career is going to explode.

  3. Well, technically the redhead post was meant for last Friday, but Blogger ate it.

  4. Maybe watch it on mute? Get your eye candy and not have to deal with bad accents / acting :)

  5. OMG, Lisa is right. Henry Cavill is to die for. Please do him next!


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