Monday, May 2, 2011

Adrien: Green Shoes.

So! I got my Miz Mooz order (magically overnight via Endless) last week. I ordered:

The Hype was so awesomely green right out of the box that it was hard to even focus on the Heather, but I gave them both a fair try-on. My favorite thing about the Heather was the strap that ran behind the heel, but I also found that the strap behind my ankle sat very low and it felt like my (narrow) heels would slip out.

The ice color is a really lovely neutral but when you have it sitting next to the most awesome green ever? Eh.

So, the Hype. The color is exactly what I was looking for and they were comfortable immediately. I actually ended up wearing them to a work event that night instead of the shoes I'd worn to work! And I'm wearing them again today:

Please excuse my sad unpolished toes, but hey, green sandals! Everyone needs some.

top: Target (similar)
cardigan: Ann Taylor
pants: Banana Republic (similar)
sandals: Miz Mooz Hype
necklace: Ann Taylor (similar)


  1. Love the green ones! Love! A bright pair of shoes changes everything!
    Are you sending the neutral ones back?

  2. Yep, neutral are going back. The green are keepers! I wore them all weekend - they're really comfortable.

  3. Adorable! Endless really is magic.

  4. You know, those really are great. Very green and very fantastic.

  5. Oh my I love these shoes... would never have thought to buy green but LOVE them. So good.


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