Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Adrien: It's That Weird Anthro Dress.

I like this dress but I wish the swag would stop moving around. I swear I spent the entire day messing with it - Above the boob? Below the boob? Hey, it's my bra! Damn it. But it's cute as long as you don't move:

Because I like to ruin everything with a cardigan and then look weirdly off to the side:

dress: Plenty by Tracy Reese/Anthropologie (similar)
sandals: Ann Taylor (similar)
cardigan: Talbots
bag: Rebecca Minkoff MAM


  1. Ohhhh my, do you look beautiful in this! I hate clothing you have to fiddle with all day, but this might be worth it!

  2. For work, above the boob. For play, below! Super cute dress.

  3. I tried that dress on and didn't get it for that reason. Stupid boob sling.

    However, I adore your MAM.

  4. really like this dress. looks chic AND comfortable!