Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Marianne: Shiny.

Honestly, I was going to skip posting this one. Or I was going to crop my head out of it. Because frankly, I am having Head Issues. But then I had camera problems last week and lost almost a week's worth of outfits and FINE. Here is my shiny, shiny head. The very head that spurred me to buy some new makeup this weekend.
The outfit is unremarkable. nothing new (though nothing I've worn together as of yet, either). Your basic pretty dress + denim jacket + clogs. And a shiny, shiny face.
jacket: Gap (similar cut here)
dress: LOFT (another cute LOFT floral dress here)
shoes: Miz Mooz Rain Clogs
face: so shiny


  1. Just out of curiosity, what make up did you buy? I'm not super happy with mine and am seeking recommendations.

  2. I am a Bobbi Brown convert. It is pricey but lasts forever and doesn't make me break out. I used the tinted balm all winter, but just switched to the oil-free tinted moisturizer. And blotting papers.

  3. I think my problem is that I feel like I LOOK like I'm wearing makeup, which I hate.

  4. I hate that too. Have you tried a tinted moisturizer? It just makes my skin look naturally closer to flawless.

  5. blotting papers are a godsend. I go through them like lightning!
    Bare Minerals just came out with an oil absorbing matte powder foundation. I needed a new jar so I tried that kind. Love it!
    Oh, and Urban Decay's de-slick in a tube is awesome on my nose before I put on makeup. I haven't had any break out issues with it. I got a tiny sample bottle but a little goes a long way.


  6. I would have never noticed if you didn't mention it. Still, it just looks like a healthy glow to me.

    I love the print of your dress and I think you look super cute!

  7. The print is beautiful, and coordinates gorgeously with the painting on the wall! I never notice shiny-ness actually!