Tuesday, July 26, 2011

2 Good 2 B 4 Gotten

source: Sartorialist

M: Are those...high-waisted, pleated, drop-crotch shorts? Lord have mercy.

A: Where would you even go to buy something like that? And, even if they were in every freaking Gap, WHY WOULD YOU.

M: I am always on the lookout for something that cuts inches off both my legs and torso, and gives me a wicked case of Mom Butt. I mean, I am guessing the back looks something like these.

A: I do like to look as stumpy and short-waisted as possible when I'm wearing shorts. I mean, who wants to look leggy and tall? NOT ME.

M: Leggy and tall is for losers. I just ordered myself some of these:

A: Oh. Those are. Something.

M: I am going to look SO GOOD.

A: Um, yeah honey. You sure will.

M: I think I'll wear them with these. I hate when my ankles get cold.


M: This just made me wonder if those awful relaxed pocket shirts are still a thing and then I found the saddest model:

Tees by Fluxus at ShopStyle

I know. I am breaking up with me too.

A: God, she just wants to DIE. Hopefully nobody who hated her in high school will post it on Facebook.

M: "Most Likely To Fill Her Relaxed Pockets With Rocks And Walk Into A Lake"

A: It's so sad, y'all! That pocket was down to her knees! Then she filled it with rocks!

M: You guys, do you know how many rocks that took? So many rocks.

A: My arms are tired just thinking about it.

M: Rest in peace, rock pocket girl.


  1. "Most Likely To Fill Her Relaxed Pockets With Rocks And Walk Into A Lake"


  2. Lord have mercy! You guys makes me laugh and laugh.
    I often think if I was smaller, I could rock some of the more odd fashion trends but who on earth would want to wear those shorts?
    Oh, and even I don't like those stupid sock peep-toe ankle boots.

  3. Oh my God the laughing. It hurts! Please keep these coming.

  4. The red shorts picture is ALL OVER Pinterest. Why??

  5. I love it when the tee looks like the pocket has been stretched-to-almost-ripped-off. Like her friend fell down and that pocket was the only thing that kept her from face-planting. /sarcasm