Friday, July 29, 2011

Marianne: Like Highlights, but uninteresting.

I started out taking a normal picture of this outfit, which frankly, is nothing new. Old bridesmaid dress, old jacket, new-but-recently-worn wedges (littlest photobomber with doll potty is also not new). Then I remembered that I as recently chastised for giving the same pose over and over again. Like spot-the-difference in Highlights, but uninteresting.
And so. CLEARLY it was time for a little.....
Maybe some new poses. How about a little I'm Dancing To The Music In My Head?
Maybe a dash of Oh, You Are SO FUNNY (I Am Alone).
Then a round of Contemplating My Bosom.
Pensive Staring.
And blogger favorite, Hand In Hair.
Is that better?
Oh. Bracelets.
dress: anthropologie (remarkably similar but more expensive dress here)
jacket: Gap (similar here)
shoes: Chie Mihara Hito Wedges in curry (another cute yellow wedge here)
bracelets: mostly handmade


  1. I love you. (Also, that Highlights comment wins our Most Obnoxiously Bitchy Comment award! Congratulations, Claire.)

  2. I kind of dig it. I also kind of hope it's from one of the Claire's I know.

  3. My personal favorite is the pigeon-toed, looking at the ground pose. Do you guys read the blog This Time Tomorrow? (or something like that). She does that pose in every.single.picture. I don't even know what her face looks like.

    I've been meaning to tell you for like three posts now that I love those shoes. I would have never thought mustard shoes went with so many things, but I really like what you've paired them with.

  4. i've been meaning to tell you i love those shoes, too ... i'm slowly building a chie mihara army, and they'd make a great addition (we're the same size, just fyi). and "like highlights, except uninteresting?" bitchy comedy gold.

  5. ahahahahaa I wish I could high five you for this. Not only does Claire win the weird and unnecessary/rude comment award, but Marianne's post post wins the blogger-good-sport-responding-to-a-rude-comment award!

    No crybaby'ing or stooping here. Just some adorably funny photos that demonstrate that you CAN re-wear a bridesmaid's' dress in real life (and that you can respond with absurdity and fun to someone who is being a jerk for no reason).

  6. Jess, you are so nice! And your post just made me think back to a bridesmaid dress that I kind of wish I still had just so you guys could see THE HORROR I had to endure.

  7. This is the first time I've ever seen someone re-wear a bridesmaid dress and have it look good!
    Love this and well, haters gonna hate.

  8. I second the high-five! (Also, the idea of Highlights as a metric of interest kills me - that was prime dentist office material read grudgingly by 10 year olds who left their book(s) at home/whose parents refused to buy them a Gameboy - ha!)

    And I nearly got coffee all over my keyboard with the "You are so funny /I am alone" pose. Great dress!

  9. Ha, you guys are so good. All of you.

  10. Again, I LOVE those shoes. But the hand in hair comment made my LOL for real.


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