Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Intervention Time.

M: Okay, I have a confession to make. I kind of think that Ironman Robert Downey, Jr. is stupidcrazyhot.

Even if he might be wearing shoes with lifts.

A: Might be wearing lifts?

M: Just teensy, weensy lifts. Liftlettes.

A: See, I grew up with this:

So, no? But he's charming, for sure.

M: Shut UP. He was hot when he was a crazy drug-addled mess:

And he is hot now. I don't know. He is my Daniel Craig.

A: Just in case you forgot the rest of the outfit:



A: The fedora? Really?  And I can play this game all day:

M: Here's the thing, I still think he is hot there. I KNOW!



M: And do you really want to make fun of the hat?

A: Now you're just being mean.


M: You were baiting me!

A: Every chance I get.


*runs away from computer at full speed*


M: He is so adorable.

A: I quit.


  1. hahah! the hats! the mustaches! I don't know what either of you see in either of em but... I think you both cancel each other out on this one! :)

  2. I was all set to declare Marianne the winner until I saw that Drugs Jr. stole a hat from Queen Elizabeth. Well done, Adrien!

  3. I'm afraid I'm with Marianne on this one, tho' it's not even the hat on Daniel Craig that bothers me. Dude, what's with the creep 'stache??

    RDJ is just one of those guys that gets better with age, kind of like Clooney. Young RDJ? Meh. RDJ of today? HOTNESS.

    Also, can I just say that I used to have A THING for Robert Russler (the guy pictured with RDJ in Weird Science.) He is hot Buzz Ravenel in my favorite movie of all time, Shag. (I've always been wild I just didn't know it til now)

  4. The mustache was for a MOVIE ROLE OMG. (Hee.)

    I like RDJ but I just don't find him that hot. Also, Deirdre's comment is maybe my favorite ever.

  5. I'm on team RDJ. Have you SEEN the trailer for the new Sherlock Holmes? Daniel Craig? Pfft.

  6. I think they're both hot. I've had a thing for both of them. But my new obsession is JP on the Bachelorette. He's HOT!

  7. Btw, off topic.... the best top I've found for a denim skirt is one that is somewhat cropped or short....hitting just below the top of the skirt. It should be fitted too. If you like your waistline, I've found this top seems to work best.

  8. I am allergic to cropped and/or short shirts.

    Thank you all for your support. RDJ FOREVER.

  9. I should clarify. By cropped or short, I don't mean a top that shows your midriff. I mean the tops that everyone used to wear about 5 or so years ago which would hit just below your belly button or somewhere between your waist and your hips. Tops worn today tend to be at or below your hips, so that adds bulk when you wear them with a jean skirt. Do you have any shirts that are 5+ years old? If so, try it with the jean skirt. It's bound to be shorter in length and might just work.

  10. Yay Robert Downey Jr! Boo to Daniel Craig. Though I did just see him interviewed and he's quite nice. But sexy = Robert Downey Jr. even in those pictures. I agree with Marianne :)

  11. Ugh, you GUYS. You realize this just means I'm going to have to defend Daniel's Craig's hot honor with more blog posts, right?

  12. I think he's hot too...always have! Tho...Daniel Craig ain't too shabby either!

  13. You guys crack me up. That Daniel Craig hat photo is such a surprise cause it is the only place where I have been "meh" about him.

    I too think Robert Downey Jr. is petty darn cute.

  14. I'm with Marianne on this one. Love me some RDJ! I think it's that devilish twinkle in his eye ...

  15. I think they're both pretty darned smokin'. But that porn 'stache that Daniel Craig has is creeping me out. RDJ is the hotter of the two in my opinion, but I'm afraid he probably reeks of cigarette smoke which totally affects his hotness factor.

  16. Wait, was that a vote for me? I'm not sure which one is your man! (related: if it's DC HE IS MY MAN BACK OFF.)

  17. I don't have any idea what the rest of your blog is about, but this post was enough to make me follow it. There is simply nothing better than RDJ in a hat. Or not in a hat... either way.