Monday, July 18, 2011

Marianne: Ice Capades.

This dress is new (to me), and it was a steal, and I really love the print, it just me? Or is it about one inch away from being one of Nancy Kerrigan's costumes in her comeback tour: Not Without My Kneecaps?

I think I am mostly just of above average height and I guess I just need y'all to tell me I'm pulling it off.
Because I am afraid if I try to learn a triple lutz at this age I will break a kneecap all on my own.
Outtake: I swear I am not ice dancing. Maybe.

dress: atmosphere (other black and white printed day dresses here and here)


  1. I love the dress! And I love the pop of color with the shoes.

  2. You're not an old lady or a prude, you have great legs and you're not about to flash your hoohah! It looks great!

  3. I think you look lovely, nice dress, nice legs!!!

  4. Love the dress! The length is great on you. Flaunt your beautiful legs. Your hair looks great-did you use new product? or did you part it differently?

    not thrilled with the green shoes with the dress. Needs red/orange ones? or some black strap-y wedges?