Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Marianne: Curtains.

I really don't have anything to say about this outfit, in fact, I don't know why I'm bothering to post it. It's a shirt you've seen before, that I insist on wearing in spite of its resemblance to a sofa. And it's the same jeans that I've been wearing a lot lately.

So here is an outtake of me looking unintentionally saucy.
Carry on.

top: Ric Rac (another floral faux wrap top here)
camisole: Eloise
shoes: Miz Mooz Hazel (similar here)


  1. I love the outfit. I'm not sure how you are able to stand wearing jeans in this weather, but you look great in the outfit. It makes you look curvy in all the right ways.

  2. Cute outfit, but I think something is wrong with my computer because I see the same photo twice.

  3. Saucy indeed! I think the outfit is great and worthy of posting. And I love unique prints, sofa or otherwise. :)

  4. Claire, in the second picture I have tilted my head ever so slightly. Huge difference. And Carrie, my office is approximately 43 degrees right now. So I sweat walking from my car to the building, then I freeze.

  5. OH! Is it like Spot the Difference? Do you also occasionally post word scrambles? I guess it's like Highlights, except uninteresting.