Tuesday, July 12, 2011

You'll Be a Dentist!

source: The Sartorialist

So, do you think Dr. Kanye is available for a cleaning next week?

A: Oh, I have such mixed feelings about Kanye. First of all, this really does make him look like a dentist. Second of all, the comments on this one make me want to eat glass. 

M: Why do some of them read like they are created by a Random SHobbit Comment Generator?

You captured his smile and glowing eyes contact. 
This kind of momentous shot that is instilling a kind of timeless and living soul to your creativities. 
Bravo and thanks.

A: That just makes me want to BARF. I think you might be onto something. I'll bet he pays his minions to post shit like that. And this:

I love this! scotty!
dashikis tunic are everything!
wht on wht is in 
not matching in the same pallet is life!
i see you ye!
this is a nice shot of homeboy he looks youthful

I understand English is clearly not his first language, but "dashikis tunic are everything!" NO THEY ARE NOT.

A: However, this one made me snort a little:

You ALWAYS post Kanye pictures Scott.

M: I think Kanye might be a cult leader. The Dashiki Tunics Are Everything Cult.

A: I'm really happy for you. Imma let you finish, but Dashiki tunics are the best tunics of all time!

M: Hi Kanye.

A: She's so cute. Except for that tragedy of a grandma knitting bag. 

Is the 13 on her hand some kind of message?

A: I...don't...know. Huh. Kids today. Does it still count as a tunic if you're not wearing pants? Perhaps the 13 is code for SUCK IT, LOSER. TUNIC THIS.

M: She just doesn't understand why Kanye has to try and steal her thunder. I think she's writing a song about this.

A: I thought she already did? As usual, we are very on top of things. 

M: I mean a song about tunics, duh. In the meantime, Bey is showing them both how it is DONE:


A: Nice! She's wearing a tunic in the appropriate place and time. And it's beautiful. And I'm hardly noticing the GIGANTIC LV bag being carried by her minion in the background. 

M: I want a minion, dammit. Just one.

A: Me too! I need someone to carry my giant designer bag. And fetch me snacks. 

M: Step one: Acquire Giant Designer Bag.

A: Step Two: Be too awesome to actually carry it.

M: That seems like a perfectly attainable goal.

A: I've always been goal-oriented. 


  1. For some reason, every time I read your title I think of the Rudolph Christmas special where Herbie the elf says "I don't want to be an elf, I want to be Dentist!" Maybe the SHobbit secretly wants to be a dentist too.

  2. She puts the 13 on her hand before every concert for luck. it's her favourite number, and her birthday, apparently. Don't ask me why I know this. I don't even like country, and her music annoys me. But she looks very cute there! (And usually very cute!)