Sunday, July 31, 2011

Marianne: I need help.

I don't really know how to wear dressy skirts. I feel like I get it right maybe half the time. Maybe.
This skirt is lovely and swishy and silk, but it looks so stupid with a shirt tucked in. I think it might be too big in the waist? I don't know. I also don't know what color to wear with it other than black, which feels like a bit of a cop out.
So tell me, what would you pair with an ivory, yellow, and black skirt?
We gave Lu a toy camera. So, you know, I've got my own paparazzi now. Fancy.
shirt: Deletta, bought on consignment (similar here)
skirt: Jones New York (similar pattern here, similar cut here)
shoes: Miz Mooz Hazel (similar here)


  1. Well, it's rare (like, never!) that I feel able to offer fashion advice to anyone. (Heh--that's why I read fashion blogs.) But in this case I just bought this similar skirt and discovered purely by accident that a black-and-white polka dot top (I got this one), in black with white dots) looks utterly fantastic with it. I guess the two patterns work well together because (a) top and skirt both have black and white, and (b) the scale of the pattern on the top is small while the scale of the pattern on the skirt is large. The skirt I got came with a wide patent belt that looks great--maybe try something like that for yours?

  2. Oh, that is an idea! Now I need a polka dot shirt. Thank you!

  3. Or black and white stripes? Maybe not. Perhaps you could introduce another colour, like green or blue. But I actually like the black top. You look great! Also, I think you could add your trusty jean jacket if you wanted to "casualize" the skirt.

  4. Love the polka dot idea!
    Seriously, I think you're stuck with black and white for this skirt AND that's okay! I have plenty of things that can only be worn that way.

    I know you say it looks weird tucked in but maybe with a wide black belt, to tie it together?

    Add a necklace if you're not tucking in?

    Yay paparazzi!

  5. Hey, I lurk a lot but I thought of something. What about a smaller top, i.e., a thinner strap or a more horizontal cleavage line or something? I actually like how it looks with black and would probably add colour with a long necklace. I know long necklaces are hell when you have a toddler around but at least give it a try!

  6. A necklace is a great idea, Lara and Ann! I don't really like to show any more shoulder than that at work, though.


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