Thursday, July 7, 2011

We Like Toast.

source: Sartorialist
M: Speaking of "I hope she's wearing pannies..."

A: I really hope there's a bathing suit under there. Even if so,  NO.

M: Let's just say it's a good thing she doesn't live in New York.

A: Well! That is just ridiculous. But I feel like what the girl in the photo is wearing isn't a "skirt" so much as a "shirt."

M: I think the gaggle of men surrounding her would agree with your assertion:

source: Sartorialist

A: They do seem to be magnetically attracted, almost against their will.

M: She is like a black hole! Wait, that sounds dirty. Between this and referring to panties, I am afraid I maybe had a stroke.

A: Hey, come over here and let me tell you about my string theory. Oh.

M: I need to replace my ballcock. Unrelated: do you smell toast?

A: Oh dear. Marianne, it's happening again.

M: I feel funny.

A: Okay, first, send me all your bags. Then, maybe go to the hospital.

M: Thanks, PAL.

A: I'm just trying to help! Please send me your Beckham kidney face cream too. I've been dying to try it.

M: *Marianne is offline making toast.*

A: And toast! I could go for some toast.  



  1. That pan-out to the larger photo made me snort. All those men look like crotch-seeking zombies.

  2. "crotch-seeking zombies" bwahahah!

    It's like those suggestions to make a shirt dress out of your man's work shirt. Yeah right.

  3. if i had her legs ... i'd put some pants on.


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