Thursday, July 7, 2011

Adrien: It's a Show.

Hi! So I wanted to wear the ribbon-wrapped necklace again so I could get a close-up but I was having trouble figuring out what to wear and ended up with a dress that doesn't quite work with the necklace but hey, I never let that stop me before. I think it's semi-successful, at least, it was until I threw on that damn cardigan I've been wearing in every photo because I just can't quit it. It's bright! It makes everything fun! Shut up! I'll try to lay off the red cardigan, I promise. So here the thing:

Then I put on The Damn Cardigan and someone neglected to mention that we had some rope-a-boob action going on:


dress: Merona (similar)
cardigan: Ann Taylor
shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction (similar)
necklace: Forever21 Wrapped Chain Necklace


  1. Perfect black dress. Love the shoes. Rope a boob is hysterical!

  2. You're doing yourself a disservice with the cardigan on this one. The dress with the shoes and bag is perfection on its own!

  3. Oh yes, I know! That's what I was trying to say. (But it's also arctic in my office, so I've gotten used to wearing one with freaking everything.)

  4. That dress looks fantastic on you. And it's from Target, so I assume it was cheap! Win-win!