Friday, July 1, 2011


A: Bad news. I think I need a new boyfriend. 

M: Oh honey, I'm sorry.

A: She's real pretty. 

M: She really is. When, exactly did that happen? Am I really out of touch? Last I heard the ink on her divorce papers was barely dry.

A: Actually, I just checked and she was never married. Oh no! Instead she was engaged to this dude for five years:

M: Ew. Way to upgrade, Rach. Can I call her Rach? Also, I am calling a secret CraigWeisz baby.

A: Seriously, he looks like fun right? Wrong. They were together nine years, engaged for five. Someone was holding out! I'll bet Daniel was all, "You were engaged to him for how long? Marry me. Today."

Or, what you said. 

M: I may not dig him, but that will be a pretty baby.

A: I guess so. Whatever


  1. Yeah, I think she's pretty much perfect and as I don't find him quite as attractive as you do, Adrien, I like them together. I'm sorry. But I think this just calls for you to search the internet for more hot red haired men.

  2. Sigh. Nothing to make the sting of heartbreak worse for your ex, than to marry Daniel Craig in your next relationship. I mean, who can argue with that...